Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Template Crisis!

Black or white? Yeah Michael Jackson, it does matter!

I know my url says scarlett and I was trying to maintain my medieval theme but it eventually brought boredom to my eyes. If you are new here, my blog's theme was red all over the place, white font, but it was pretty cool.. I loved it but I knew I needed to change it.

I wanted to try a clean-looking positive themed blog, but much to my lack of skills in creating themes, I cannot do what I imagine in my head.. So I went for the basic themes that Blogger offers users to choose from, now I'm indecisive. Will you help me choose? Please? I need your comments down below which look is better.

The black mystery.

The original plan was to have a white template to give off that light that creates a positive energy and the white color meaning pure, which provides a clean, welcoming blog. But that time, I was still trying to get accustomed to the customization portion of Blogger and I did not want to lose my current theme so I played it safe.. I decided to solely change the template, but it only permitted me to switch to either black or red. Since I have had that maroon template ever since I started blogging, I chose the black. For some reason, I liked it which explains why I currently have this theme and template on my blog. But I am the kind of person who cannot settle for something I did not picture. I was not expecting this look at all and it felt like something was missing in the blog. Aside from lacking luminous visibility, it obviously lacks emphasis on the content and that would not encourage the viewers to read my posts. I have a love-hate relationship with this look.

Considering I was not happy with my changes, I started playing around with the templates and themes. I wanted to see which one looked fitting to my imagination, and there you go, I finally figured how to make the template white...

The pure innocence.

Almost perfect! More complimenting, inviting and fresh (maybe because of the flowers). It nearly matched what I had in mind. You might ask why am I still indecisive about this if it is already parallel to what I had planned... well, it looks boring. I was just not use to clear and clean. I had always preferred dark over bright, except my laptop screen, of course. It just needs a little more of getting use to but now, it is your turn to decide and help me choose.. Which one is better? Which one encourages you more to visit and read my blog? Be honest please.

Having a dilemma here! Make sure you leave your comment! Thanks.

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