Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Drop Dead Troll

I have no idea why I did what I did... I have pulled a very silly and unpleasant prank on my mother. It was around five in the morning when I woke up from my long afternoon-night sleep.. Since I had a lengthy slumber, I could not continue sleeping, I knew I had to get up. I looked around and noticed that my laptop was not in my room which was why I knew that it was in my parent's room. I felt so comfortable on my parent's bed, it was obviously because of the size, compared to mine, it's bigger and the mattress was very firm. It was that cozy that I did not even realize almost two hours had passed. I then heard footsteps that I recognized, it was my mother's and for some reason, I thought of doing a prank. A prank that could have given her a heart attack. Any guesses? I just opened their room's door, and played dead on the floor. I am so stupid, I feel so guilty because she called my name, and her voice was so worried, but I still did not get up.. Seeing that I was still not up, she walked rapidly towards me and that's when I decided to end her fear and distress. I stood up and saw the relief on her face when she saw me get up and alive. She called me an idiot but she started laughing, and so did I.

Until now, I question myself why I did such a dumb thing to my mother. I mean I am not even suicidal and I was not looking for attention because I already get enough from them.. If I did it for fun, well, what fun, right? That was not fun at all. She did not deserve that. It puts me in such a bad mood, and pensive state of mind (in a bad way) because I am frazzled. I guess it is because she did not get furious or yell when she found out I was only joking, and that places me in the guilt box.

Crazy me. I am so naive and ashamed of what I did. What an idiotic thing for me to do. Shame on me.

Disclaimer: The image used above was on Tumblr. It looked suitable to what I had in mind which was why I decided to use it to compliment my post above. All images and content are copyrighted by their respective owners. If your image was used and you would like it removed/ credited, then please contact me. Thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience.

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