Friday, August 30, 2013

Songs That Unleash My Inner Stripper

Hello my dear readers! It has been a really really long time since I last blogged on this website. I now have a different blog (and it is updated) on Tumblr, so please check it out:
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I have been thinking about publishing this post for three weeks now. I was worried that it might be too inappropriate for some of you. But I realized that the title should be given already and if you did not want any post relating to provocativeness then you should not click on it, right?

I am not the first and will definitely not be the last person who will talk about this topic.. As a matter of fact, several tweets and blog posts have already gone viral regarding this subject. So with no further ado, let me talk about my own choices of songs that naturally unleash my inner stripper. Of course not literally since I am not a stripper. What I mean by this is, I am going to share you some songs that let me loose and free whenever I hear it play. So basically songs that discharge you from your inner shell which causes you to dance crazily, and wildly, especially when you are alone.

I mean think of the positive thing that this post can bring you... more songs for you if you have never heard of some these songs yet. You may also bookmark this in your browser to use/play the songs posted below for your workout/sumba classes anytime! ;)

In no particular order:
  • Hot in Herre by Nelly

This song may probably be too inappropriate to people, especially Mothers but I think with proper guidance, your child (esp. daughters) won't turn out to be really bad. I mean look what happened to me.. I turned out to be disciplined still! This song brings me good vibes. It reminds me of those times when I still lived in the Philippines. Whenever I hung out with my friends (neighbours), we would always bump this song.
  • Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
Colombian singer with a salsa genre song? Yeah it will surely make you groove.
  • Naughty Girl - Beyonce
 Come on now, it's Beyonce. Who wouldn't?

You have to click Read More down below to see more of these songs. You will love all of it!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Conquering Thy Fears

The picture above is a mediocre panoramic image that I captured yesterday using my iPhone 4S up on the Sky Ride at the Canadian National Exhibition Fair.

I spent the whole day with my best friend at the fair yesterday. The admission was free that day for selected age groups, and we just happened to fall into one of the categories so woo! I already went once (this year) three days before with my parents and as always, I loved it except the scorching hot weather. I love visiting the fair yearly mainly because of the food fair. We walked throughout the entire grounds to have a look around, and during that time I already lost $10 by betting, hoping to win. I won some but I ended up losing more.

"Let's go on the Sky Ride", my best friend said. At first I thought she was joking and then I looked at her and there I realized she was actually serious. See, my best friend actually has a phobia of Roller coasters, or basically anything with height and motion with no sense of escape.. She told me that her mother advised her to go on some rides to try something different and basically face her fears. Even though I was saving my extra money for back to school shopping, I supported her and looked for the nearest ticket merchant. We found out that for $20 we could have 8 tickets = 8 rides. The smarty pants and the broke college students that we are split the $20 cost. The reason being is that aside from saving more, we only planned on going on the Sky Ride.. that is only going to cost us 2 tickets = 2 rides (when normally, it would cost a person $5 for 4 coupons to get on one ride), so we would have 3 more tickets each (6 in total) which were equivalent to 3 more rides.

We looked around us to select 3 more rides to go on after the Sky Ride. We could not be any more happier, that was a really great deal!

There were two entrances for the Sky Ride, one was facing the CN Tower (picture below), while the other one was facing the BMO Field Stadium (an example of the view would be the picture on top of this post). We chose the one facing the CN Tower because we were halfway closer to it... (my best friend and I are not a fan of walking under the striking sun so we did ourselves a favor)

If you take this side of the Sky Ride, this is the view you are going to discover and witness.. if we are talking night time, this is the view you would want to see. Unfortunately, for us, we could not stay until night time for schedule reasons.

This is what you will be able to see from my side (left side).

My best friend's side.

We both agreed that the whole ride was definitely worth it. It was also relaxing considering the fact that you get enough breeze up there. If you ever need to hibernate, I suggest you give this a try (if you ever visit the Exhibition place) for it is only $5 (four coupons) per person.

She decided to try The Blitzer roller coaster afterwards.

I would say we waited for about twenty minutes to go on The Blitzer. The ride took only a minute. She screamed during the first drop, and I was laughing the entire time because of it. I never heard her scream before so that was kind of amusing to witness. After the ride was done she said, "that was it?!" It is funny how she was starting to enjoy roller coasters when she used to be so afraid of it.

We walked around again to find two more rides to use our two remaining tickets on. I told her that she was doing very well. I was impressed because I know you can't force someone to face their phobia, so I was really proud of her. There were more difficult rides available but we settled on the Hurricane since the other rides seemed too extreme for her.

Yes, this looks terrible, unappealing and boring like it was designed for kids. But let me tell you what, out of all the rides I have ever tried in my life, this was the worst. The gravitational pull of this ride was so intense, I could not move at all causing me to squish the living crap out of her, leaving both of us extremely uncomfortable. As soon as we got out of the Hurricane, we could not feel our legs. We felt drugged (we are clean teenagers just to let you know, we will never have any of those) and lightweight. This ride ruined it for her. She just became really dizzy and did not want to try any more rides after. However, since we had two more tickets (one for each), we decided to take the Sky Ride once again and try the opposite side.

But before that, we felt really empty and drowsy that we figured we should eat first.. and we did. It was a really really long walk back to the Food Building.

I don't know why it won't let me rotate this picture. Must be due to the fact that I have attached several photos already. Anyway, she had fish and chips, while I had honey garlic chicken wings, and damn, I want more of these.

After eating, we decided to walk around.. check out the casino, play some games and that included winning and losing, and all those consumed us nearly two hours without even realizing.

The plan was to go on the Sky Ride one more time, and this time at the opposite side and there we enjoyed the view of the CNE.

I always appreciate everything that I experience and see which is why I have always identified myself as a wanderer. You just never know what you will discover! I was happy that I spent time with my best friend because if I didn't, this would not have happened. I will remain honored forever (as cheesy as it sounds) that I was a part of her expedition as she conquered her fears.

It was a day to remember indeed.


* in case you were wondering, yes I took all these photos with my iPhone 4S.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


It is only appropriate to talk about the VMAs during and after you watch it. Of course, I am a day late. I was supposed to write about this as soon as the awards show came to an end but I have a legitimate excuse! I was writing about it but then I was sidetracked when I started talking about haters on twitter. So I decided to only talk about Twitter on that post, and compose a completely different blog based solely on my MTV Video Music Awards reaction. Except my eye started hurting afterwards so I turned off my laptop and called it a night!

So let's go back to this post's objective..

MTV Music Video Awards 2013.. definitely not my favorite over all. There was that one epic moment that I loved and held close to my heart.. but that was it. To those of you who watched it may already know what and who it was.. but other than that. I give the show a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Before I talk about my favorite moment, let me just talk about Miley Cyrus for a minute. Since everyone (or almost) is talking about her, I might as well drop my two cents on it. So she dressed up like a bear, so she showed a lot of skin, so she was grinding on Robin Thicke, so she was licking him when she's engaged... Do people just judge and NOT think about the purpose? I guess not. It was trashy I get it, but I am getting sick of people calling Miley a slut/whore. The whole performance was supposed to be a reminiscent of Blurred Lines. Yes, you probably did not know that. But now you do. Her provocative actions, and her revealing outfits.. (that may have offended a couple of households) all of those supported the whole meaning of her song We Cant Stop! Why can't people just give Miley a break? She was trapped in a cage for so long, being controlled and demanded how to act, tried to be a person she was not and be constantly followed by the paparazzi mob.. Yes you would go crazy. Some may say that she should have expected that when she decided to become a celebrity.. because being popular = media. But you know, it still does not leave out the fact that it does affect an individual. It affects who you are. It could break you, it could mold you. "We run things, things don't run we, we don't take nothing from nobody", hell yeah, this song was poorly written, but you get the message. It is suggesting you to be yourself.. and that's what Miley was trying to do. Yes, it is unfortunate to see Miley go on a drastic change, her performance last night was degrading and a disgrace to some, but she definitely does not fall under the slut category.. or whatever you prefer to call a promiscuous woman. Honestly, the only thing that bothered me is her tongue. Since you read my opinion, can people just please watch your words and think about your actions before you hurt someone!

Now that I'm done here, let's proceed to my favorite part.......... ♥

OF COURSE IT WAS GIVEN. It was Justin Timberlake and the entire NSYNC posse.

I knew from the get go that there would be a reunion and that Justin Timberlake was to accept the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. I was so thrilled to see Jimmy Fallon up on that stage because I knew he would present Justin Timberlake the MJVVA award.. I was very happy when I saw the spotlight shine on Justin Timberlake.. For that moment he was on the stage, MTV VMA's boring and strip tease show had an epic 360 turn.. all because of this sexy man named Justin Timberlake. The entire performance deserved a standing ovation. I mean who does not get all hyped up when Justin is on the stage? Nobody. I was surprised to see Lady Gaga and Will Smith's reactions while he was performing. You can just tell that everyone loved him. The entire performance was the 20/20 Experience Legends of The Summer concert in less than 30 minutes minus Jay Z, and replaced with *NSYNC.

Unless, a composer writes a duet song and someone produces it for Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake...... nothing could top the performance.. nothing, and people even felt bad for the upcoming performers since it looked like Justin Timberlake sealed the show.

I mean.. he knew it himself....

He honestly did. I screamed, people screamed when he said that. It was true. That is how it's done.

I may have expected more than just a 1:45 minute NSYNC reunion.. and I looked forward to more than just two songs scrunched in less than two minutes. They only performed Girlfriend and Bye Bye Bye.. when I hoped for at least five songs (Tearin Up My Heart, Bye Bye Bye, It's Gonna Be Me, Girlfriend and POP). The inner 90's fan girl in me still jumped and screamed. It felt like it was the 90's all over again. A lot of people have anticipated this reunion for so long. But sadly, according to my sources, last night was only a one time thing to support Justin. There will be no tours, whatsoever. *cries in the corner*

(ps. Can we also admire that dude dancing with them? He is a fan! Apparently, he danced with them the entire time and got all the moves right without looking at them)

The only thing that upset me were some of people's rude and unnecessary comments about Chris and Joey. People making fun of their weight..... I mean what the fuck did you expect? These people are doing their own thing now. People making comments about how rusty Joey was.. are you kidding me? It just looked like it because of his size.. but he still got it too. I love Joey and his personality, and it's sad to reminisce about those times I used to watch all of them together doing crazy bromance things. People just lack respect nowadays. I am not just saying this because I am a fan. I honestly think it requires a lot of guts and manhood to get back up the stage knowing you may be physically unprepared and that you've been insignificant to others for quite some time. It does. And I applaud Lance, JC, Joey and Chris for being loyal and supporting Justin.. I mean some people could have demanded more, or just said no. But they did not. Trust me, if I had the funds, I would definitely produce an all-90's concert.

But before he took over the stage, they showed a video combining his music video clips from the past and the present. I became a little nostalgic. I cannot believe it has been more than a decade since I listened to Justin Timberlake (it all started from NSYNC of course). I was just reflecting and thinking about his milestone.. and how far he has accomplished. I was sincerely proud of him. 

Another thing about him that I love is his humor. Gotta love Justin Timberlake. You are perfect. 

He won three moon mans, and a golden moon man; Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Justin Timberlake wins four MTV VIdeo Music Awards 2013

  • Video of The Year (Mirrors)
  • Best Direction (Suit & Tie)
  • Best Editing (Mirrors)
  • Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award

Let us give Justin Timberlake a warm of applause and a standing ovation for his incredible talent. An all around man, can do it all, and can have it all. Exquisite.

A legend indeed.

And in case you missed it, to those of you who cannot wait to watch it, here's a video of a tv-but-good-enough quality of the performance.

I will change this if I spot a better quality one.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Twitter Ratchets!

Sometimes I question myself why I even created a twitter account.. I mean what good did it bring me me for the last five years? Unnecessary drama began because of it.. People hated me for my tweets.. People judging you for your tweets.. People stalking you.. People honestly base their perception of you based on your tweets. SO WHY THE HELL DID I EVEN MAKE ONE?!

Simple, I just wanted one, I didn't know it would be such a mess.

I was watching this year's MTV VMA's, of course, it's like a tradition. I love pop culture. I know music awards suck now but I always have an open mind and I give people chances for showcasing their talents.. Basically giving them an opportunity to blow me away. You know certain things just provoke you to tweet your ass off. I am guilty of excessively tweeting whenever I want. I was worse back then but for the past two years I tried to tone it down a little bit.. I found out why... it's because I hated people criticizing me for my tweeted opinions. But then I realized, it's my opinion, and it's my blog/twitter. I tweet and blog for me, not for your satisfaction and agreement. I did not ask you to agree with me. Why did I ever let them get to me?! For having such low self esteem?! Well, look what that did to me.. Nothing. It's just unworthy people who follow you to snoop about your life and hate you for everything you do. Can't change any of that ever. But anyway, the only reason why I am saying this right now is because a lot of followers complain about people they're following on twitter.. and it just reminded me so much of my twitter experiences... I do not get it at all. CANT. JUST. PLEASE. EVERYONE. AND YOU. SHOULD. NOT. EVEN. ATTEMPT TO.

People need to understand why it's Twitter in the first place. People need to understand why they are following a certain person. Like so what if I tweet a lot? As long as I do not reach the tweet limit, I do not consider my tweets a spam for you! That just says so much about other people you follow. They are boring, and I'm not.

People on twitter need to remember this at all times.
  1. If you are going to follow someone, make sure you're following them because you want to see their updates.. not because you want a follow back.. YOU CUNT.
  2. If you are going to hit that follow button.. there will be no take backs. You are an asshole if you unfollow.. an even more of an asshole if once you get a followback, you unfollow.
  3. Once you read someone's tweet, make sure you read it.. mention them if you have something to say.
  4. IF you had the nerve to subtweet, do not be surprised if I subtweet you back.
    Don't give me that "it's not for you.. it's for.." Bitch you had it coming.
  5. LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST.. ANYONE CAN TWEET WHATEVER. Who cares if they are blowing up your twitter feed? Just scroll down or up.
I am sure I left out some more but I wish people followed these rules.

Anyway, like I said, I was watching the VMA's! People are so quick to start worthless twitter feud. People either subtweet you or actually mention you and point out what they think you're doing wrong. Why are people so damn naive! By the way, it was the first time in history that no one subtweeted me in any way. Maybe because I told them to feel free to unfollow (though I did not even lose followers).. However, I saw a feud between individuals on twitter. Between some people I follow and some people just meddling. It's funny how Twitter can cause some kind of cyber war between people.. or is it?

This post was a complete waste of time where I can be talking about the VMAs instead. I do not even see the real purpose of this post.. Just wanted to randomly state my opinon proving an unrewarding and disadvantageous point.

Done here. Sorry for the weak, poorly written post.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Unbearable Pain

I deal with this yearly, but yesterday morning was the worst experience I ever had with that familiar pain. I know everyday certain people deal with more severe pains, injuries, sickness, etc., but you cannot punish me for writing this post. I was really hurting.

I woke up yesterday morning with the most extreme pain in my right eye. I could not open my right eye. It was that painful. It felt like a piece of eyelash, or a prick of wood was inside and was poking my cornea. And yes, it happens yearly.. but what sucks is the fact that the burning feels worse each year. I woke up and I quickly went to the washroom to see if any discharge was about to come out.. thank God there was none but still I could barely open my eyes. As soon as I got out of the washroom, she came home. I told her right away, and she just passed by me, as if I was only joking. But I just could not blame her, I knew she was tired from work.. I knew she had a bad day again. I felt so helpless so I went back to my room and a lot of things were flashing in my head.. envisioning things I should not be thinking of. I would not go in to details but let's just say I was really exaggerating. My eye was burning and my eye kept producing tears.. I started crying like a baby, and it caught his attention.. He asked me what was wrong, and I told him what happened.. He immediately said, "let's go the doctor's!". Thank you.. I needed that.. It gave me hope that my eye was going to get better.

The ride to the doctor's was both soothing and discomforting.. but I was getting better in tolerating the pain.. not entirely but just so-so.

My family doctor refused to touch me when she attempted to put a dye on my eye.. because when she tried, I screamed and cried all over again. She suggested me to go to the Emergency Department promptly.. and so we did.. The thought of going to the Emergency Department based on people's stories was frightening and also, disappointing.. Scary because I have never been to an Emergency room and I know there are a lot of patients every day, and I do not like seeing people in pain.. Explains why I did not choose to become a Nurse in the first place. Unhappy and displeased because I know I have to wait for at least an hour to get some help, and that means more torment for me.. and I am impatient so, wohoo. Take note, sometimes it takes more than two hours to have someone attend you depending on the amount of people at the Emerge. Rm.

At that point.. I had both my eyes closed. I just could not open my left eye because the light makes me squint my already closed right eye and it pressures my eye even more. I also wanted to just relax, because if I keep my eyes open.. they would just wander around, and that causes more pain in my right eye.

When we got there, I was asked several questions by an assistant. He also asked me how painful it was from the scale of 1 to 10.. oh gosh, I said 9.5 to 10. I mean it really was extreme.

She told me I was lucky because usually, it would take longer than 30 minutes to get called and be attended before you go straight to the Emergency Room. What I could hear from the patients, the horror in their scream and cry; I was so disturbed and I felt so bad. At that time, I was thinking about the spiritual power and I was thinking about everyone in that hospital with me.. and I was wishing for the best, for everyone. That was when I thought, maybe prayers are louder in the hospitals than inside the churches. I was hoping that maybe He was listening. I feared for everyone, and that put me to tears, and my eye started hurting again.. mind you my eyes were closed for the whole time I was waiting. What I was going through was unbearable, and I would not wish it on anyone, even upon my worst enemy.. During that time, I just wanted everyone to be cured, to be relieved from the pain they were feeling.. for all of them to feel better.

From that time I entered the Emergency Room I believe it took about an hour, an hour and thirty minutes if you also count the time I waited for the doctor to come in the Eye Room. The doctor told me I must have scratched my eye when I was asleep but I told him, "Are you telling me, I scratch my eye yearly?" He did not really answer after that, and told me that I needed to see some specialist.. but I'm so thankful because whatever anesthetics he used for my eye definitely cured the pain.. he also wiped eyeball with some dye on a smooth stick.. and that sting for a bit.. but it was ordinary compared to what I was originally feeling.

Thinking I was finished, (well no results yet since I still have to go to the specialist he recommended) I was asked by the doctor to stay and that he would be back. I waited again for at least fifteen minutes and a Registered Nurse came with some huge tube that looked like a humongous injection and a jug of some liquid.. or solution. "I'm going to wash your eye, but first, I gotta get this tube in your eye", umm... sorry what now???! The hairs at the back of my neck stand up.. I freaked out. I do not even use contact lens.. and you're going to shove a tube in my eye? Well not shove but you know what I mean! Oh man, he struggled to put that thing in because my eye won't relax. I had to hold her hand.. I needed something to press. Then it just happened, I felt the cold liquid on my eye.. I do not know how it looked.. I do not even want to imagine it.. and viola, it was done. I followed the instruction and had the medication..

I felt better.. even though I could still feel the damn tube.. the sensation of it lingered for hours, even after I woke up from my long nap (when I slept after I reached home)! My eye was still red, and smaller than my left eye.. but it was better than the pain it caused in the first place. Now I just have to finish the medicine even with the pain gone and then I will be done.. hopefully forever. I don't know, I still have to see the specialist.

But I am hoping that after this experience, I will no longer have to go through it again.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Not A Huge Fan Of Chinese Buffets

Before I offend anyone... I just want to make it clear that I am only blogging based on my current feelings and opinion. I love other buffet types, American and Italian in particular, but I am not so much of a Chinese buffet fan. Maybe it's because I have had it way too much for so many years? I have no idea. I consider myself the queen of gluttony but I am the kind of person who just sits there and does not get excited whenever my parents or my friends plan and decide to eat at a Chinese buffet. Personally, I would rather eat at a burger joint. This afternoon, my mother chose to dine at my worst nightmare-Chinese Buffet. Ugh, just the thought of it grosses me out but I honestly had no choice but to join them. You know, otherwise, I would have died from starvation. I only had two plates of small portions and a plate full of desserts (now, we're talking!). But even with only those, I feel so sick until now (eight hours later), but that is because all of these (meat, seafood, etc.) are frozen and processed, I mean we are all aware of that, right? I have never mastered the art of eating at any Chinese buffet restaurant, and I do not even want to attempt. I just always feel like I want to instantly and quickly go on a cleanse diet from all the grease and MSG that are to blame for making me feel so dirty. I just want to drink a thousand glasses of water and eat a lot of fruits! SOS!!!

Now the reasons why I dislike Chinese Buffet:
  1. Unsanitary and the risk of getting food poisoning
  2. I feel so sleepy after.
  3. I fall asleep for a long time... what a waste of a beautiful day
  4. The displeasing and discomforting feeling afterwards.
  5. POUNDS POUNDS POUNDS that I will never lose for the lazy bum that I am
  6. It is just so unhealthy!
  7. MSG
  8. Gassy and all that bowel business you have after

Does anyone else feel this at all? I mean, even with a different type of food or eating style? I would like to know. Inform me please!

DISCLAIMER: Though I disapprove of Chinese Buffets, I love devouring and ingesting Chinese food but at fine dining Chinese restaurants.. NOT BUFFETS. That is all. I am in no way discriminating, or hating, just to be clear.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I confess: What I Find Incredibly Sexy

Hello my dear readers! It has been a really really long time since I last blogged on this website. I now have a different blog (and it is updated) on Tumblr, so please check it out:
click here or copy and paste this link

Before I begin, let me start off by saying, none of these things are my preferences when it comes to relationships. A bonus maybe, but I do not consider these as requirements at all.. unless stated so. I also want to clarify that whatever I enlist below makes me shallow and perhaps, ignorant to some of you, but this should not reflect who I really am as a person. I may have chosen to expose some of my eye-and-heart-catcher qualities of men but this should not make you think less of me. Plus, I am more of a quantity over quality type of person.. I give more importance to what holds substance. I just really wanted to post something different this time, and besides, it seems fun.. so why not give it a try?

ps. I apologize in advance for using celebrities as an example to support my points. I thought they would be the best examples since most of the people in the world know who they are? If not.. well I guess you can call me frothy and shallow?

So in no particular order, here are some of my turn on's:

  1. Guys who look so sensuous in ribbed tank tops and v necks.

    I am not talking about Justin Bieber who wears it every time he flexes in front of the camera.. I am talking about sexy guys (muscular or not) that can pull it off. Is that weird? Wait, no hold on, really skinny guys, Justin Bieber for example is a BIG NO. The guy has to have some meat, whether it's muscle or fat.. but not too flabby. Not all guys can look good in a wife beater and/or a v neck, so I just find it super sexy when I see guys who do.


    See it for yourself...

    He is the sexiest man alive for a reason, right?

    Jacob Hoggard, you, pretty boy. If you do not know him..
    you are missing out on some good music.

    Jason Momoa, aka Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.
    I will be your Khaleesi any day. ;)

    Ugh, the cutest man alive with the most intense sex appeal. Hello, Lachowski.
    I've loved you for three consecutive years now.. Marry me, maybe?
  2. Guys who smell so *insert profanity here* good.

    Damn it! Does that even need an explanation?! I mean who wants to cuddle or even be around someone who smells hazardous enough that if the air did not circulate, your ass would be dead from that unpleasant odor?? Obviously a person would want someone who smells good. Being with someone who has a pleasant odor makes you want to cuddle with them 24/7.

    Think about it, there is a possibility that this person could be the one and that you will potentially marry.. one way or another.. you will be sharing a bed with this individual so you should think about finding a person who has a good hygiene.I confess that I have a weird fetish for people who smell good.
  3. Guys who can dress well.

    I think all girls would agree to that. It is not a requirement but if a guy can dress well, that is added major points! Most of the time, if a guy can dress well, that means there is a possibility that they would not be bothered shopping with us too because they will also shop for themselves. Win-win huh? Well dressed men are hot. Whether it's just a v neck, some nice denim jeans and vans... oh I'm sold! Guys who can pull of suit and ties, and bow-ties? That's another major bonus!

    Men who dress well look so clean, collected, confident and they look like they smell so good. Not only that, they just impress everyone who sees them. Any woman would want to date that(but that obviously depends if he's an asshole or not)!
  4. Gentlemen: courteous, noble and chivalrous.

    Chivalry is definitely not dead.

    There are still some great men around. Some had been caught by some undeserving-cheating women, by some good looking women, and some rich ladies. Some are homosexual.. The rest are... just somewhere out there.. somewhere in Narnia. I may sound like I am joking but really, it's true.
    Honestly, I still see few men around here who are blessed to have the characteristics of a gentleman. I know some too and it really is a turn on for me. I like guys who are modern looking but still have some old fashioned manners in them.

    I mean there is nothing wrong with holding the door for me. I hate it when I am on a date or I am hanging out with guys and they do not hold or open doors for me. If you are one of these modern lazy men, I will find you incredibly lame.

    He does not need to treat me like a Queen or a princess that every other girl wants, a simple and thoughtful gesture just gets me and that makes my heart skip a beat. I want someone who would want to cater to me.. but in a sense where he would want to do it because he loves me and that he wants to, not because he needs to.

    *Not really a requirement, but this is my ideal guy.

  5. Guys with bright personalities. A guy with an open mind.

    I am talking great sense of humor and a man who is spontaneous and outgoing.

    I want a man who can blow my mind with his wisdom, not just intelligence. I love a guy who knows so much about life, love and the importance of family and hard-earned money. I can talk to a guy with an open mind for days.

    *This is a requirement!
  6. A guy who can cook.

    Let's face it, a way to a woman's heart is through her stomach ;)

    We can cook together, and I can do the dishes! Happy belly, happy me!
  7. *this is kind of a requirement, we can both learn together
  8. Guys and cars.

    Remember men with ribbed tank tops/v necks? Yes okay, now imagine a hot lad wearing a ribbed tank top or a v neck while driving a car? Yes, you get me! Oh my! Especially when they drive using only one hand on the wheel, and the other hand on the gear. *Drools*

  9. Lads who are good with kids.

    I would like to have my own family someday.. and I just think it is so adorable to see men who look after kids.. babies.. It makes me cringe.. in a good way.

    Harry Styles and Baby Lux Everyone ♥

    Cam Gigandet and his baby. So hot right?

    I honestly cannot wait for Channing Tatum to be walking around the streets with his child in his arms.. that is pretty soon.
  10. V LINES.

    There is nothing sexier than a guy who cares about how he looks. See, when a man knows he looks good will develop confidence (and confidence is really sexy) and that just leaves a huge impact on how he projects himself. You know what, being confident is great but not to the extremes where a man or a woman starts to come off as arrogant and boastful? I mean, hey, I get it, you look sexy as fuck, you worked hard for that body, showing it off once in a while is nice but if you are too "braggy" and go all high and mighty on everyone? Sorry, NO.

    I hate narcissistic people. You know, those individuals who only talk about themselves, and that the world only revolves around them.. that ruins it. Cockiness turns me off to the extremes.

    I am not a sexy person. I only stand on an average height. I have no right to speak about certain "gorgeous" people this way but... there is something SEXIER about a person who does not even try. Effortless.

    I would post pictures here to support how sexy v lines are but I do not risk my stuff of getting reported for sexual content. I mean shirtless guys can offend somebody, especially mothers with minor children. So yeah, just go search Adam Levine's V lines.. and even Harry Style's V lines.. they are both mad sexy.

    Everyone is proud in different ways. It is healthy to think you deserve appreciation, recognition and credit for some of the things you do.. but being humble goes a long way. Pride is all about "me" which leads to arrogance, while humility is more on being modest. If you feel superior all the time, well then there is no room of improvement for you because you think you are already perfect and you already feel that you are above everyone else. Being humble is being calm, and quiet. A humble person does not really seek attention and admiration. He or she usually recognizes his or her own faults unlike proud people who just like getting even and being right all the time. More importantly, a humble person does not belittle anyone. Ever heard of "It is better to be kind than to be right?" yeah some people can use that.

    Now, you may ask why I said Humility on moderation, well I think being too humble is dangerous because you get taken advantage of, or it could also be just an act of behavior, ex. being fake? There are people who are sincerely humble, while there are people who act modest and humble for personal purposes and advantages. Not being humble enough leads to egotism. So it is best to be moderately humble because at least you know where you stand.


    *this is a requirement!

    I don't know.. Musicians and dancers usually attract me instantly. Guys with a nice, manly speaking voice are just so sexy. Hey, you will be speaking to them on the phone all the time.. you do not want to talk to a guy who sounds like a fish, right?
  13. Awesome sense of humor.

    Being with a person with a great sense of humor can guarantee you a happy relationship. I want to be with a person who can cheer me up, and is not hard to cheer up either. Imagine, never a dull moment with your special someone. You will never be bored.. and you won't have any wrinkles! ;) 

    *this is a requirement
  14. Respectful

    A respectful boo is a keeper. Any man who respects his mother will honor his woman. A man who treats his woman with love and respect is a man of honor. Respect goes hand in hand though, so ladies, give him something to respect ;)

    A man who does not respect me, who belittles me, calls me degrading names, who makes fun of my abilities, who does not support me in any way, who cusses me off? MAJOR TURN OFF.

    All men should treat their women as an equal, besides, you are in a relationship to find your other half, right?

    *This is a requirement
  15. Tall, attractive guys.

    This is the most shallow turn on for me. Guys who are taller than me and is attractive, are instantly sexy, in my opinion. I like being the shorty in the relationship, and a woman needs her heels once in a while so my man needs to be taller than me. It just looks very awkward if I am taller than the guy.

    *Being tall is a requirement, well, at least taller than me
  16. Family-oriented men.

    I think out of all the qualities, this is the most important one. I come from a huge family, and if it was not obvious enough, I am family oriented. It would be a gift from the gods if fate gives me a family-oriented other half. I really want my man to prioritize his family at all times.. If you think about it, this man could be your future husband and later on, you two will start and build your own family.. so if he treated his family with love, respect and care, it is guaranteed that he will treat your own family well too.

    An amazing husband and a great father... yes I'm thinking future and I think that is sexy. Any guy I know who values his family is a keeper. I admire these type of guys and I see them as guys who will have lucky wives later on. Any man who can hold his own is the right partner to settle down with.

    *Most important, the major requirement.

Weeping Over My Michael Kors

Hello my dear readers! It has been a really really long time since I last blogged on this website. I now have a different blog (and it is updated) on Tumblr, so please check it out:
click here or copy and paste this link 

So before you accuse me of hopping the Michael Kors bandwaggon, let me tell you that I have been a fan of Michael Kors for the last seven years. When I first came to Canada, it was one of the most luxurious underrated brand that I knew. Whenever I went to the mall, it was one of the stores that I would go to. I am not spoiled, and there is no way in hell that I am materialistic. I am not even a fan of Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Coach. My main brands have always been Guess, Michael Kors, YSL, Balenciaga, Celine, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Valentino... and maybe some Gucci (not their bags though) and Marc Jacobs here and there..  Yeah I guess I am a brand whore. I just love perfumes, handbags and shoes and I told myself that one day, I will collect as much as I can, as long as I have the means to do so.

Anyway, I was at the mall last week and as I entered the Michael Kors' store,  I saw this red Michael Kors bag from the side and I knew it was something familiar.. I recognized the handbag, it was the bag that I've been eyeing for possibly more than a year.. before I graduated High School.. so wait.. that's more than two years.

We all know, well, mostly Canadians know, that this bag would cost Canadian residents $500 with taxes and all. That was the price of this bag when it just came out.. before Selma, Miranda, Weston, Bedford and Jet Set Totes (other MK leather goods) were released. So yes, it is safe to say that I have been loving this bag before Michael Kors became so popular in my city. Oh trust me, the amount of girls wearing the logo print bags are crazy. You can call me selfish but I was pissed when MK got mainstream here because whenever I walk around with my Michael Kors purse, people would look at me as if I hopped the bandwagon just recently.

Anyhow, this bag was available in the store I was at. Although I always go to Michael Kors, and weekly I've been going back to that store and last week was the only time I saw it again. I could vividly remember that the last time I saw and held this bag was last October. I know the Hamilton bags are still all over the stores, but this specific color with it's golden hardware was sold out.. at least that was what I was told. If it was not obvious enough, this was my color of choice. I was ready to buy this bag last year but I needed the money that I was going to spend, on others things that were more necessary.. But my eyes and heart were set in this color or the mustard Hamilton Large Satchel one.. whichever one really. Although I really loved the Red one, besides it's my favorite color.

I looked around everywhere and I no longer saw it again which made me believe that I would never ever see it again. Well that's what I thought until I saw the Red Orange one last week. It was on sale for only $349!! I wanted to jump for joy! It was a bittersweet feeling because I was happy that it was on sale but I was broken when I realized I have been unemployed for months. I knew I will never be able to afford this bag. That even if I landed a job the next day, this gorgeous bag might be in the hands of someone else by the time I can afford it.. I don't know how many stocks they had, or if it was the last one.. But I also realized that day that most of their Hamilton bags have decreased in price. Maybe it was due to the fact that they are trying to sell more Saffiano leather goods now like the Jet Set totes for $230, Selma for $380, etc. It took a lot of strength, effort and force for me to drop the bag where I found it, and leave the store. :(

You know what's funny? I told my mother the week before I saw this bag that if she were thinking about giving me another birthday present this year, I would ask for the Selma Studded Saffiano Tote of Michael Kors. She laughed because she knew I love handbags and that I have been eyeing the Selma bag also.

Isn't it gorgeous too? What do guys think? Should I weep because I was not able to afford the Hamilton bag? Or be happy because this Selma bag is better? My mother said I should not be sad because if we're going to compare the Hamilton Saffiano Large Tote and This Selma Studded Saffiano Tote, this Selma actually is nicer. What do you guys think? 

Either way, I loved the Hamilton bag first, and I cried when I left the store (yes I am such a baby!).. and until now I am still sad that Hamilton bag is not in my possession. First world problems! Sigh!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Emotional State

High spirits, low spirits, happiness, sadness, irritated, collected.... I have no fucking control over my feelings. Sometimes, I feel like I'm the queen of mood swings. I have no clue what happened, I had no idea that what and who I used to be was slipping away from me.. I just became so lazy and that I am just so annoyed and irked.. What makes it worse is that I do not have the means to live a little.. to go out and do what I want.. I want to go shopping and buy all the necessary things that I need... and some of the things that I don't. Can I land an employment already? I am so fed up of being broke. I want to chop my hair off.. I want to beat myself up literally right now... It is so damn hot.. I am so annoyed of this place we call "home",  it does not even feel like one. I miss everything I used to have, I miss everyone in the Philippines.. I miss everything in the past before I came here.... I would trade what I have now to what I used to have... no, actually scratch that.. because I still have the important people in my past right now.. I just basically do not have the "life" anymore.. How can this place make me feel such a prisoner.. the only thing that is keeping me guarded is my mother.. She is the only reason why I am still here.

I feel so useless, unworthy, my life is so unproductive, I feel like I am going nowhere.. I feel nonfunctional. Hopeless, good-for-nothing, valueless...


Just when I thought everything was getting better.. I come to this day to find out that, those were just temporary.. School starts in less than a month and I hope to God things get better because I would not know what to do. Please please, let me have my way this time................ I am so tired of this shit.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jay Z and Justin Timberlake

Hello my dear readers! It has been a really really long time since I last blogged on this website. I now have a different blog (and it is updated) on Tumblr, so please check it out:
click here or copy and paste this link 

I know it's long over due but I guess it was about time I tell you guys about my Legends of The Summer Tour experience.

Honestly, it has been two weeks since I went but it still does not even feel like I just saw Jay Z and Justin Timberlake live. I still feel like it was all a dream. Of course, I would not deny the fact that after the concert, I was not calm at all. I was still in that 'fangirling' phase, but you would be surprised that I was fangirling more because of Jay Z. Jay Z's presence was just prominent and powerful.

I would show you the pictures I took with my old digital camera but they all sucked. I could not bring my DSLR because it was prohibited. I could show you my iPhone pictures if I wanted to.. but those won't do any justice. I'll show you where I was instead.. okay? The picture of the stadium layout has a poor quality but as long as you see where I was sitting (not that it matters). I was at Section B9.. I highlighted it with a green circle. So yeah I had floor seats..  Epic blue seats were sold out.. I was lucky to even be that close considering my ticket was purchased less than week before the concert... Ladies and gentlemen, I was that close to Justin Timberlake and Jay Z.. but not close enough to have Justin Timberlake's babies.

Okay so how do I start?

First of all, let me tell you that I was lucky enough to get floor seats.. for free. Thank you guy-who-shall-not-be-named for bringing me. We arrived at the stadium, about thirty minutes before the concert was supposed to start. The moment I entered the stadium, I could not even believe what I was seeing right before my eyes. It was packed; from the top, all the way down to where we were supposed to sit. I would say we were one huge mob but not everyone were sitting because some people were still walking around taking pictures, drinking beer or walking to buy one and some were even dancing. The show somehow started an hour and a half late. But as soon as the tune of "Holy Grail" started  playing and the beautiful stage screen started displaying the Magna Carta album inspired statues, oh my gosh, I couldn't feel my lungs. As informal as this blog post gets, yes I was fucking screaming all over the place, jumping even with my 5.5 inches Jeffrey Campbell's on!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I heard Justin Timberlake's voice, I felt like an angel was about to take me home. What an incredible voice does he have. Obviously, the crowd was going crazy. Then Jay Z came out not even 30 seconds after, and the mob just went wilder, and crazier. Come on seriously, who does not get hyped up about Jay Z's presence? The other guy beside me, to my left side, was fucking ridiculous, he took my space, so I had to back off a bit. But I obviously did not let them ruin my moment... I screamed the entire night to kind of get back at him, of course, all unintentional and uncontrollable but I will use that as a payback on him for invading my space. The opening was so unreal. What a way to start the show.

After the opening, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z took turns and sang some of their old hits first. Justin Timberlake sang Tunnel Vision too, and mid-way to the end of the concert, he also sang his first single on his second half of the 20/20 Experience album - Take Back the Night, and then my favorite song from his 20/20 Experience album.. Mirrors. I lost it. I swear. I wanted to "cry scream" like Kim Kardashian at that moment.. he was so perfect.

I would tell you more about Jay Z but I am just so meh right now. Sorry. But all I have to say is that, I was so impressed. I am so thankful that I saw Jay Z perform live... A forty-three year old who might not even be performing live any longer.. Not saying this is his last.. but on his prime, and considering he is getting old.. you know what I mean.. I just have this piled up respect for him because he's a legend. Holy sh*t! He rocked the stage.. he killed every single verse.

It was a bit surprising that Justin Timberlake sang more old hits than his new ones, not that I'm complaining because it was obvious that his songs from his early years were timeless for the crowd. I guess what I am trying to say is, his old songs were the favorite in the stadium. He sang his hits: Cry Me A River, What Goes Around Comes Around, Senorita, Rock Your Body and Until the End Of Time. Eh, I know none of you knows about my undying love for his song Until the End of Time... I am not biased here. I acknowledge all his songs, they are all great songs but Until The End Of Time just speaks to me every time. It has been my number one all time favorite song of him, and this song is included in my all time favorite songs in general. I wanted to cry when he was singing the song. Oh my goodness. The love I have for that song... The way Justin performed that song was so special and so natural. It was like he was singing for Jessica Biel. You could feel the pure emotion that he had for the song and currently for his wife, Jessica Biel Timberlake. Of course Mirrors have to get some major applause too because his performance was astounding. Didn't I say, he is perfect?!

The only negative feedback I can say about the concert besides the guy taking my spot is... well.. some of the people in front me.. I mean.. I wanted to question their presence in the concert.. It looked like they were just there. I wanted to ask them if they even knew some of the songs before they went to the concert? They were not even dancing.. and have their poker-faces on. They were just there watching... Like how do you have no emotions?!?!?! It's funny how the crowd on the upper level knew more songs.. than the people with VIP seats.. LIKE SCREW YOU FUCKERS.. SOME OF US REAL FANS COULD HAVE HAD THOSE SPOTS YOU TOOK FROM US, IN WHICH BY THE WAY, YOU DO NOT EVEN DESERVE. You all ratchets, mainstream followers and bandwagon hoppers are just lucky you had money to afford it. Sorry, I just feel so bad.. like I know Justin and Jay Z saw those people.. and must have been really disappointed because they did not look like they were having fun.. They did not even look like they were there at all. WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT. WHAT A SHAME. THEY WERE THE FACES OF JUSTIN AND JAY'Z TORONTO FANS.. and yet, they were shit. WHAT AN AWFUL CROWD from the VIPs.. or at least those rows of people in front of me.

They ended the concert with Suit and Tie and Young Forever dedicated to someone who passed away (I shall not name the teen to avoid conflicts and discussion) with lights (lighter, phone lights, etc.) coming from the crowd.. What an encore. What a way to put the concert into a conclusion.

After the concert, I bought a t-shirt just so I can brag about it later on and say that "Yes motherfucker, I indeed went to the Legends of The Summer Tour, and did I forget to mention that Toronto was their first fucking stop!??!?!".. okay maybe that's my second reason but my main reason was... I wanted a souvenir from that concert. I was shocked when the guy who sold me the t-shirt flirted a little bit and he gave me an almost 50% off the original price of the t-shirt.. without me doing anything. That was a bonus.

Until this day, I still haven't found the appropriate words to describe the concert.. I just cannot put the overflowing happiness that I felt into sentences.. I do not know how. The concert was an amazing experience. I could not believe it. I was not calm for days after the concert. It left me some thrills. Just pure magic. Indescribable. Unforgettable. Remarkable. Phenomenal. Perfection.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I have a feeling.. that tonight's gonna be a good night.

Today is the day.. the day that I have waited patiently for.
Or should I say... tonight is going to be the night! Yes! I am talking about the concert.

I have no words. I am so amped, stoked, excited, basically my heart is filled with all sorts of excitement and happiness because for the first time in the history, I am going to see two powerhouse performers in one night. Yes, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z.

I will try and update you guys tomorrow about the concert.. for sure tonight will be one of the most memorable nights in my life.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Legends of the Summer Tour

I cannot believe it. It is finally happening! I am going to see Justin Timberlake and Jay Z tomorrow at Rogers Centre. Remember my rant about not being able to attend his concert here? Well guess what! I thought wrong because the angels granted my wish. I will be seeing Jay Z and Justin Timberlake with a special friend! Wow! I cannot believe that he paid that much and he is taking me with him!

I am beyond excited, I even went on YouTube to see his performance with Jay Z at the Wireless Festival in London. Watching it just made me more thrilled..... and I have developed this enthusiasm to see Jay Z as well.. He just kills it every time he performs.. The crowd was not very energetic as I had hoped.. and I hope the crowd at the stadium tomorrow will be ten times better.

Unfortunately, my DSLR is not permitted at the event so I have to deal with my shit and pixelated phone but I guess I do not have to even worry about that anymore since it is out of my control, and what matters is that I am seeing them tomorrow... and I will enjoy every second of it. This concert is going to be the best concert yet..... I mean there is Beyonce touring around the globe.. but of course Jay Z and Justin Timberlake would not be caught last for I know they are two of the most incredible performers in the world.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Live For Your Amusement

Before I begin to express my frustration, anger and disappointment, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have been so kind to check up on me and to those of you who read my blog and visit occasionally. The reason why I decided to keep the comments on pre-approved basis is because I wanted to make sure I get the chance to see it all, and that no one deletes his or her comment(s). I want to know your feedback, I want to read your opinions, I want to get to know you. I also do not approve the comments because I want to keep it private. But thank you readers for the love and support you show me. I never thought some people would actually read my blog which only contains depressing, uninteresting and sulking thoughts spilled on amateurishly-written posts. I may not have been consistent with my blogging but I check my stats often and I see that people from familiar countries visit my page. Thank you.

Back to the real phenomenon purpose of this post..

You know those toxic friends that you have in your life, you know they are bad for you but you refuse to stay away from them until you basically find out that they are also purposely betraying you? Yeah I have a lot of those unnecessary people in my life. I would love to say "I had" instead because I already cut them out of my life but, "I have" seems more appropriate since until this day, they still enjoy and love invading my personal life. If you find out that the people you do not ever want to be involved with again randomly ask someone about you, would you not be surprised, irritated and annoyed? Sometimes what they are doing have that evil double purpose. They ask someone about your social life because they are trying to check if you are alone or if you still have friends. If they find out that you are alone, and that nobody likes you anymore, they will celebrate. Meanwhile, if they discover that you still have some friends intact with you, they will never be happy until those friendships you currently have and treasure are somehow ruined. How immature... the lowest of lows!

I was talking to my best friend last night, and she told me that she was talking to one of those toxic people in my life, when suddenly that venomous snake changed the topic and brought me up in their conversation. How dare her ask my best friend if my she (best friend) and I still hang out? Is it any of her freaking business? Why could not she ask me? I mean if she acts so nice and sweet in front of my face, you know, two-faced.. why not be consistent and act away! Little did this immature piece of shit know that I am seeing her tomorrow. Ladies and gents, sorry for my high volume of profanity. I am just trying to really release my anger. I told my friend that she should have told little miss toxic that she talks to me everyday and that she will see me on Friday (tomorrow).. but my friend said she likes surprises better. Yes, that is clever, I thought of that but sometimes, isn't it better if someone tells a toxic off? You know just to shut them up.

I have been through so much with these toxic group, I have forgiven them for numerous amount of time, but I guess the joke is on me, eh? I just cannot understand why people find my life so interesting. Why do they entertain themselves with my life, especially with my failures? Is it because I am an easy target because they know I will sit here and not confront them about it, no matter how obvious they seem sometimes? Well hello hello toxic idiots, I would rather not confront you about it because I see no point in doing so. You shitty poisonous people will always have this made up fake image of me and of who I am which is already imprinted in your teeny-tiny pieces of brains..

To all of you readers, keep this mouthful-not-so-classy post a lesson for your everyday life. Sometimes, a friend is just a normal friend to you but this friend can be the snake hidden in your garden when you are trying to pick daffodils and once this snake gets an opportunity, this snake will bite your finger leaving you poisoned, paralyzed and helpless. You know that saying.. "If your so-called friend is a big gossiper, then it's likely that your friend is gossiping about you when you're not around" yes.. you best believe this is true because it is. It is a bad sign if this so-called friend always has something negative to say about people who are not around. If that person is always gossiping, chances are, this friend always talks about you when your back is turned. Trust me.

In my situation, I will choose to keep quiet about what I know because I was hoping, well, I still am hoping that one day, after my ignorance.. they will eventually stop........................ but I guess I will just have to wait for a really long time since my life is just so damn amusing to these air-head-fakes.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Soft Spot for The Oldies

It's been a while Blogspot! Not that anyone missed me or anything, oh please, no one even knows this blog exists. Lately, I really had nothing to talk about which explains why I haven't written anything at all this week. The one I've posted this week and last week had been on my draft for almost two weeks. 

This post will be about a special moment that happened during Mother's Day.

After celebrating Mother's day downtown with my parents, we decided to go home since we still had a lot of things to do. We took the subway home and it was surprisingly not busy.

I was sitting beside an old Chinese grandma in the subway train. She was sitting where the window was, and since I was beside her, we were both facing the direction of the train. I noticed that she kept looking on her left side (where I was) and I realized that she was observing twins on the stroller. She had this really peaceful and gleeful smile while gazing at them. She was so adorable that I wanted to pinch her cheeks. It's always a long way home from Downtown, it usually takes 30-40 minutes until I get to my stop. Since I was really bloated from the all-you-can eat Sushi that I consumed, I focused on my music.

I saw through her actions that her stop was next and since my legs were on the way, I had to move for her to pass. When she was about to leave her seat, she said something to me. Unfortunately, I was not able to hear her because I had my earphones on, but it was somewhere along the lines of take care. 

Although I was not able to hear what she had to say, I was dazed by her cheerful smile. I rarely see the elderlies that happy and bright, especially in a public transit. I felt bad that I was not able to reply to whatever she said so I moved to her seat and hoping I would see her pass by the window. When she got off of the train, she looked at the window where I was sitting and when she saw me she waved goodbye and smiled bright from ear to ear. I felt some positive energy and less annoyed in the train after seeing her smile.

I always have a soft spot for the aged people. I grew up with my grandparents which explains why I do. 
Her smile seriously brightened up my mood! I was concerned about her though. I started to wonder if she is alone in life or if she has a family to come home to. I felt bad that she had to take the public transit by herself. It looked like she is alone in the city, but I really hope she has a family here. No one deserves to grow old alone. Her smile looked so optimistic and it really passed on to me because her smile enlivened my mood. To others that might be normal, but to me, it was special and rare. She totally made me miss my grandparents even more.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rare Streak of Luck

This post had been on my draft for weeks! Oopsies!

I usually do not believe in luck or anything that is associated with it. Mostly because of all the unfortunate events that happened to me lately. But things turned around....

One very early morning, I found myself wide awake and sleep deprived. There are days when I really have some trouble sleeping and that morning was one of those days. Since I was awake and had nothing better to do, I decided to go with my parents and do some errands. It was such a beautiful morning that day and the weather was perfect to most of the population. My mother and I had to do something before we went grocery shopping. My dad on the other hand had to wash the car. While my mother and I were trying to waste time, she decided to buy some crossword puzzle scratch card in the convenient store. My mom has an obsession (well I call it an obsession) with scratch cards and lottery. It's awesome how she wins all the time but not the jackpot prize. She knew I enjoy scratching cards which was why she asked me to pick one and she was going to pay for it. Obviously I did not decline. We went back to our waiting location and we scratched the cards we bought. I decided to listen to music on my iPhone as I scratched the card I have chosen to play. I had an inexplicable energy for someone who lacked sleep. It was probably the music, all I knew was that I was happy scratching the card. My heart was racing because I was so eager to see if I won something, and as I scratched out all the letters, I was very pleased to see that I won, finally!

See, I bought a lot of crossword scratch cards in my life and had no luck. Except for that one time when my mother bought a card and asked me to scratch it, although the prize was only $3. I do not count that as my winning moment because she picked the card. But this time I finally won, even though she paid for it, I chose the card! I was very happy because I won $25! You might consider my winning momentum as no big deal because it's a small amount but I am still thankful.

The selfish person that I am wanted to keep the $25 for myself but my mother argued and claimed her right to collect the prize. Some of you might be on her side but I believe that was all on me.. I deserve the credit. Since I chose the card I settled for $20 and she took $5 and added another dollar to buy two more scratch cards. Of course, one for each of us. Guess what? My mother won $25, and I won $5! Crazy right? But crazier after we found out that we won more than we expected! When we went to the convenience store to claim our prizes, we screamed when the machine declared that my mother won $50 (We thought she only won $25). So what did my mother do? She did not want to stop and block the run of luck so we played more. Much to my glorified triumph, I kept winning more $3 from my scratch cards. The lady at the convenience store kept telling each and everyone at her store about me and my mother's sweep because we kept winning. Our continuous victory made us keep coming back to the store. Not to imply greed but how I wish we won the jackpot instead! Wouldn't you?

That day was not a normal day for me, I felt happy that I almost seem boastful about it. The excitement and joy I felt winning consecutively was something I will never forget... I call it, the rare steak of luck.

Friday, May 10, 2013

*Imagine Liv Tyler Smiling With those Lips*

I cannot think of a better title. It may sound a bit improper but who cares! I basically wanted to describe how cheerful I am today through my title. I guess picturing Liv Tyler's wide lips when she smiles describes how happy I am at the moment.

This post is going to be short, I hope because I just want to talk about something really positive today!

This morning our TFC Box (A Filipino Channel Box that contains hundreds of programs imported from the Philippines' most popular network, Abs-Cbn) stopped functioning. If you are not Filipino, you would not really get it. Anyway, the head office that is responsible for the TFC Box decided to change the format of all the program receivers. They also replaced all the HDR Boxes to a more compact one, a smaller size. Few weeks ago, we received our box and was told that they will discontinue the original box (the current box that we have) meaning it will no longer operate. We decided to wait until our box actually shuts down until we connect the new box. Just this morning, our box eventually stopped working which meant that I had to finally connect the new one to our television. No one was going to connect it because my parents do not know how, so I had no choice but to do it myself. In the manual, users are instructed to call for installment assistance. But I am the kind of person who loves to do it myself first before I ask for someone else's help. I did it without reading instructions or the manual, and it was a success. After installing the box, fixing the wiring and the connections, all I needed to do was to call the contact number they have provided to activate our box.  To have our box activated was the only time I asked for help. When I was put on hold, the screen loaded meaning I have successfully installed the box. I was surprised when my stepfather said he was very impressed with my skills (out of nowhere) and he pat me in the back. I am quite techy and handy when it comes to these things. I was overjoyed when I saw him smiling and when he added more compliments saying I did a great job. He said was impressed because he can't even do certain things by himself, especially without reading manuals. To some people this might not be a big deal but my skills were acknowledged and that rarely happens. It matters to me. It really is the smallest things, huh? All my life I just wanted to be appreciated. Appreciation was all I ever asked from people and I am glad to get once in a while.

Appreciation do not necessarily mean I want to hear compliments all the time, I just want to be appreciated through my actions. I love it when my work, my doings and my achievements receive acknowledgment. I expect some appreciation when I deserve it. Simple things like this really makes me smile. 
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