Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jay Z and Justin Timberlake

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I know it's long over due but I guess it was about time I tell you guys about my Legends of The Summer Tour experience.

Honestly, it has been two weeks since I went but it still does not even feel like I just saw Jay Z and Justin Timberlake live. I still feel like it was all a dream. Of course, I would not deny the fact that after the concert, I was not calm at all. I was still in that 'fangirling' phase, but you would be surprised that I was fangirling more because of Jay Z. Jay Z's presence was just prominent and powerful.

I would show you the pictures I took with my old digital camera but they all sucked. I could not bring my DSLR because it was prohibited. I could show you my iPhone pictures if I wanted to.. but those won't do any justice. I'll show you where I was instead.. okay? The picture of the stadium layout has a poor quality but as long as you see where I was sitting (not that it matters). I was at Section B9.. I highlighted it with a green circle. So yeah I had floor seats..  Epic blue seats were sold out.. I was lucky to even be that close considering my ticket was purchased less than week before the concert... Ladies and gentlemen, I was that close to Justin Timberlake and Jay Z.. but not close enough to have Justin Timberlake's babies.

Okay so how do I start?

First of all, let me tell you that I was lucky enough to get floor seats.. for free. Thank you guy-who-shall-not-be-named for bringing me. We arrived at the stadium, about thirty minutes before the concert was supposed to start. The moment I entered the stadium, I could not even believe what I was seeing right before my eyes. It was packed; from the top, all the way down to where we were supposed to sit. I would say we were one huge mob but not everyone were sitting because some people were still walking around taking pictures, drinking beer or walking to buy one and some were even dancing. The show somehow started an hour and a half late. But as soon as the tune of "Holy Grail" started  playing and the beautiful stage screen started displaying the Magna Carta album inspired statues, oh my gosh, I couldn't feel my lungs. As informal as this blog post gets, yes I was fucking screaming all over the place, jumping even with my 5.5 inches Jeffrey Campbell's on!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I heard Justin Timberlake's voice, I felt like an angel was about to take me home. What an incredible voice does he have. Obviously, the crowd was going crazy. Then Jay Z came out not even 30 seconds after, and the mob just went wilder, and crazier. Come on seriously, who does not get hyped up about Jay Z's presence? The other guy beside me, to my left side, was fucking ridiculous, he took my space, so I had to back off a bit. But I obviously did not let them ruin my moment... I screamed the entire night to kind of get back at him, of course, all unintentional and uncontrollable but I will use that as a payback on him for invading my space. The opening was so unreal. What a way to start the show.

After the opening, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z took turns and sang some of their old hits first. Justin Timberlake sang Tunnel Vision too, and mid-way to the end of the concert, he also sang his first single on his second half of the 20/20 Experience album - Take Back the Night, and then my favorite song from his 20/20 Experience album.. Mirrors. I lost it. I swear. I wanted to "cry scream" like Kim Kardashian at that moment.. he was so perfect.

I would tell you more about Jay Z but I am just so meh right now. Sorry. But all I have to say is that, I was so impressed. I am so thankful that I saw Jay Z perform live... A forty-three year old who might not even be performing live any longer.. Not saying this is his last.. but on his prime, and considering he is getting old.. you know what I mean.. I just have this piled up respect for him because he's a legend. Holy sh*t! He rocked the stage.. he killed every single verse.

It was a bit surprising that Justin Timberlake sang more old hits than his new ones, not that I'm complaining because it was obvious that his songs from his early years were timeless for the crowd. I guess what I am trying to say is, his old songs were the favorite in the stadium. He sang his hits: Cry Me A River, What Goes Around Comes Around, Senorita, Rock Your Body and Until the End Of Time. Eh, I know none of you knows about my undying love for his song Until the End of Time... I am not biased here. I acknowledge all his songs, they are all great songs but Until The End Of Time just speaks to me every time. It has been my number one all time favorite song of him, and this song is included in my all time favorite songs in general. I wanted to cry when he was singing the song. Oh my goodness. The love I have for that song... The way Justin performed that song was so special and so natural. It was like he was singing for Jessica Biel. You could feel the pure emotion that he had for the song and currently for his wife, Jessica Biel Timberlake. Of course Mirrors have to get some major applause too because his performance was astounding. Didn't I say, he is perfect?!

The only negative feedback I can say about the concert besides the guy taking my spot is... well.. some of the people in front me.. I mean.. I wanted to question their presence in the concert.. It looked like they were just there. I wanted to ask them if they even knew some of the songs before they went to the concert? They were not even dancing.. and have their poker-faces on. They were just there watching... Like how do you have no emotions?!?!?! It's funny how the crowd on the upper level knew more songs.. than the people with VIP seats.. LIKE SCREW YOU FUCKERS.. SOME OF US REAL FANS COULD HAVE HAD THOSE SPOTS YOU TOOK FROM US, IN WHICH BY THE WAY, YOU DO NOT EVEN DESERVE. You all ratchets, mainstream followers and bandwagon hoppers are just lucky you had money to afford it. Sorry, I just feel so bad.. like I know Justin and Jay Z saw those people.. and must have been really disappointed because they did not look like they were having fun.. They did not even look like they were there at all. WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT. WHAT A SHAME. THEY WERE THE FACES OF JUSTIN AND JAY'Z TORONTO FANS.. and yet, they were shit. WHAT AN AWFUL CROWD from the VIPs.. or at least those rows of people in front of me.

They ended the concert with Suit and Tie and Young Forever dedicated to someone who passed away (I shall not name the teen to avoid conflicts and discussion) with lights (lighter, phone lights, etc.) coming from the crowd.. What an encore. What a way to put the concert into a conclusion.

After the concert, I bought a t-shirt just so I can brag about it later on and say that "Yes motherfucker, I indeed went to the Legends of The Summer Tour, and did I forget to mention that Toronto was their first fucking stop!??!?!".. okay maybe that's my second reason but my main reason was... I wanted a souvenir from that concert. I was shocked when the guy who sold me the t-shirt flirted a little bit and he gave me an almost 50% off the original price of the t-shirt.. without me doing anything. That was a bonus.

Until this day, I still haven't found the appropriate words to describe the concert.. I just cannot put the overflowing happiness that I felt into sentences.. I do not know how. The concert was an amazing experience. I could not believe it. I was not calm for days after the concert. It left me some thrills. Just pure magic. Indescribable. Unforgettable. Remarkable. Phenomenal. Perfection.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I have a feeling.. that tonight's gonna be a good night.

Today is the day.. the day that I have waited patiently for.
Or should I say... tonight is going to be the night! Yes! I am talking about the concert.

I have no words. I am so amped, stoked, excited, basically my heart is filled with all sorts of excitement and happiness because for the first time in the history, I am going to see two powerhouse performers in one night. Yes, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z.

I will try and update you guys tomorrow about the concert.. for sure tonight will be one of the most memorable nights in my life.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Legends of the Summer Tour

I cannot believe it. It is finally happening! I am going to see Justin Timberlake and Jay Z tomorrow at Rogers Centre. Remember my rant about not being able to attend his concert here? Well guess what! I thought wrong because the angels granted my wish. I will be seeing Jay Z and Justin Timberlake with a special friend! Wow! I cannot believe that he paid that much and he is taking me with him!

I am beyond excited, I even went on YouTube to see his performance with Jay Z at the Wireless Festival in London. Watching it just made me more thrilled..... and I have developed this enthusiasm to see Jay Z as well.. He just kills it every time he performs.. The crowd was not very energetic as I had hoped.. and I hope the crowd at the stadium tomorrow will be ten times better.

Unfortunately, my DSLR is not permitted at the event so I have to deal with my shit and pixelated phone but I guess I do not have to even worry about that anymore since it is out of my control, and what matters is that I am seeing them tomorrow... and I will enjoy every second of it. This concert is going to be the best concert yet..... I mean there is Beyonce touring around the globe.. but of course Jay Z and Justin Timberlake would not be caught last for I know they are two of the most incredible performers in the world.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Live For Your Amusement

Before I begin to express my frustration, anger and disappointment, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have been so kind to check up on me and to those of you who read my blog and visit occasionally. The reason why I decided to keep the comments on pre-approved basis is because I wanted to make sure I get the chance to see it all, and that no one deletes his or her comment(s). I want to know your feedback, I want to read your opinions, I want to get to know you. I also do not approve the comments because I want to keep it private. But thank you readers for the love and support you show me. I never thought some people would actually read my blog which only contains depressing, uninteresting and sulking thoughts spilled on amateurishly-written posts. I may not have been consistent with my blogging but I check my stats often and I see that people from familiar countries visit my page. Thank you.

Back to the real phenomenon purpose of this post..

You know those toxic friends that you have in your life, you know they are bad for you but you refuse to stay away from them until you basically find out that they are also purposely betraying you? Yeah I have a lot of those unnecessary people in my life. I would love to say "I had" instead because I already cut them out of my life but, "I have" seems more appropriate since until this day, they still enjoy and love invading my personal life. If you find out that the people you do not ever want to be involved with again randomly ask someone about you, would you not be surprised, irritated and annoyed? Sometimes what they are doing have that evil double purpose. They ask someone about your social life because they are trying to check if you are alone or if you still have friends. If they find out that you are alone, and that nobody likes you anymore, they will celebrate. Meanwhile, if they discover that you still have some friends intact with you, they will never be happy until those friendships you currently have and treasure are somehow ruined. How immature... the lowest of lows!

I was talking to my best friend last night, and she told me that she was talking to one of those toxic people in my life, when suddenly that venomous snake changed the topic and brought me up in their conversation. How dare her ask my best friend if my she (best friend) and I still hang out? Is it any of her freaking business? Why could not she ask me? I mean if she acts so nice and sweet in front of my face, you know, two-faced.. why not be consistent and act away! Little did this immature piece of shit know that I am seeing her tomorrow. Ladies and gents, sorry for my high volume of profanity. I am just trying to really release my anger. I told my friend that she should have told little miss toxic that she talks to me everyday and that she will see me on Friday (tomorrow).. but my friend said she likes surprises better. Yes, that is clever, I thought of that but sometimes, isn't it better if someone tells a toxic off? You know just to shut them up.

I have been through so much with these toxic group, I have forgiven them for numerous amount of time, but I guess the joke is on me, eh? I just cannot understand why people find my life so interesting. Why do they entertain themselves with my life, especially with my failures? Is it because I am an easy target because they know I will sit here and not confront them about it, no matter how obvious they seem sometimes? Well hello hello toxic idiots, I would rather not confront you about it because I see no point in doing so. You shitty poisonous people will always have this made up fake image of me and of who I am which is already imprinted in your teeny-tiny pieces of brains..

To all of you readers, keep this mouthful-not-so-classy post a lesson for your everyday life. Sometimes, a friend is just a normal friend to you but this friend can be the snake hidden in your garden when you are trying to pick daffodils and once this snake gets an opportunity, this snake will bite your finger leaving you poisoned, paralyzed and helpless. You know that saying.. "If your so-called friend is a big gossiper, then it's likely that your friend is gossiping about you when you're not around" yes.. you best believe this is true because it is. It is a bad sign if this so-called friend always has something negative to say about people who are not around. If that person is always gossiping, chances are, this friend always talks about you when your back is turned. Trust me.

In my situation, I will choose to keep quiet about what I know because I was hoping, well, I still am hoping that one day, after my ignorance.. they will eventually stop........................ but I guess I will just have to wait for a really long time since my life is just so damn amusing to these air-head-fakes.
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