Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Am I becoming... Jenna Hamilton?

Minus the two hot lads?Okay that title seems to be misleading and quite pretentious. I will never be Jenna Hamilton. Jenna Hamilton is a master in this craft. I know she is fictional, but giving credits to the writer of the show Awkward just do not seem right.

I noticed I have been blogging daily. It is not normal for someone like me. But I realized I am blogging because I enjoy it. I think Jenna Hamilton from Awkward inspired me. I mean, I was already blogging before I even watched Awkward but lately, it feels different. I find myself more confident and inspired. I wonder when this phase will end. (Wow, way to go!) That last sentence just shows you how much confidence I lack in myself. But I know me, I don't keep up with blogging, however, I hope I remain consistent. Blogging has been an outlet for me. It is more convenient than buying a diary or journal at the bookstore that I will write my name on but will never use. I just prefer it this way. I believe it is more inspiring to write when an event or an emotion provokes you to do so. In my own experience, I have noticed that my feelings influence me to compose the messages I blog or write. So to be consistent, I have to have the patience, the will and determination, and I have to keep my relationship with myself intact. I know I still have a lot to earn, and my grammar sucks, I know. But this is my blog and I can do whatever I please. If I spot an error in my writing, I will edit it. If I don't, then I don't. After all, writing is a form of expression not for impression. 

That is all, thank you.

ps. I detected that I stopped using my blogging name SSJ at the end of my blog entries. I was unaware though I think that is a positive sign.

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