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Songs That Unleash My Inner Stripper

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I have been thinking about publishing this post for three weeks now. I was worried that it might be too inappropriate for some of you. But I realized that the title should be given already and if you did not want any post relating to provocativeness then you should not click on it, right?

I am not the first and will definitely not be the last person who will talk about this topic.. As a matter of fact, several tweets and blog posts have already gone viral regarding this subject. So with no further ado, let me talk about my own choices of songs that naturally unleash my inner stripper. Of course not literally since I am not a stripper. What I mean by this is, I am going to share you some songs that let me loose and free whenever I hear it play. So basically songs that discharge you from your inner shell which causes you to dance crazily, and wildly, especially when you are alone.

I mean think of the positive thing that this post can bring you... more songs for you if you have never heard of some these songs yet. You may also bookmark this in your browser to use/play the songs posted below for your workout/sumba classes anytime! ;)

In no particular order:
  • Hot in Herre by Nelly

This song may probably be too inappropriate to people, especially Mothers but I think with proper guidance, your child (esp. daughters) won't turn out to be really bad. I mean look what happened to me.. I turned out to be disciplined still! This song brings me good vibes. It reminds me of those times when I still lived in the Philippines. Whenever I hung out with my friends (neighbours), we would always bump this song.
  • Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
Colombian singer with a salsa genre song? Yeah it will surely make you groove.
  • Naughty Girl - Beyonce
 Come on now, it's Beyonce. Who wouldn't?

You have to click Read More down below to see more of these songs. You will love all of it!
  • Beautiful Liar - Shakira ft. Beyonce
Queen of RNB and the hottest latina?! Yes. This hit with a middle eastern feel had me belly dancing for weeks the first time I heard it.. and until now! I just wish I could belly dance as good as Shakira and Beyonce though.
  • Whine Up - Kat DeLuna

This song always reminds me of summer.. and that is probably because it was released during the summer time. Anyway, I love this song so much that I hate it! Does that even make sense? Whenever I'm walking on the street, or anywhere at all and this song starts playing on my iTouch, I guarantee you, I start to whine uncontrollably. It is embarrassing.
  • Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake

Of course I would have a Justin Timberlake song, I mean what did you expect? I remember watching this music video for the first time as soon as it came out on MTV... I was so attracted to him because his piercings made him more look sexy which was very unusual for me.... This was the time I started to have a crush on Justin Timberlake. I just love this song a lot.
  • Strip - Chris Brown ft. Kevin McCall

Oh gosh.. any Chris Brown song would awaken any woman. There's more like his Sweet Love, and Wet The Bed song. I know that some of these songs are pretty liberating and wild especially for people who are not used or exposed to the outrageous Western culture but.. that's the truth.
  • Ride It - Jay Sean

Out of all Jay Sean's songs, this is the sexiest.
  • Lettings Go (Dutty Love) - Sean Kingston ft. Nicki Minaj

I think this is the only Nicki Minaj song that I will never get tired of? Maybe because she's barely in it? No, but seriously.. this song is one of those "feel good songs". It puts me in a lightweight mood which I like.
  • Buttons - Pussycat Dolls ft. Snoop Dogg

"I'm a sexy mama..." any female my age would have at least one Pussycat Doll song in her "Songs That Bring Out My Inner Stripper" list. I guarantee you that. This song and Don't Cha are honestly two of their songs that really enliven mine. Mostly because these records were the hits that were used when I was auditioning for my school's dance group. Ever since then, I have grown some attachment to Pussycat Doll's PCD album.
  • So Fine - Sean Paul

    Any Sean Paul hit will definitely get you in the mood to whine, but So Fine is the one that wins me over all the time.

    I believe these last three songs are my top 3 in 1 (all equal) stripper anthems. 

    No matter what time of day it is, I will never get tired of these songs. Maybe because I grew up with these hits? I am pretty sure you are all familiar of these tunes!

    • Loose My Breath - Destiny's Child

    Damn right. Destiny's Child will always be a part of me.. so of course. Actually, this song has a story in my life. Growing up, my elementary classmates + first year high school classmates in the Philippines used to tease me about my breasts.. obviously I was going through puberty, and they would always sing this song in front of me to make fun of my large you-know-what. It would always upset me and make me cry but now for some reason, I really miss my friends back home.
    • Dirty - Christina Aguilera

    I think this song is every 90s girl's sexy song! This song will not play if you are not logged in on Youtube and unless you are 18 years old and above.. just proves how dirttty and sexy this is. I am now 19 years old, but this song still activates my inner stripper.
    • I'm a Slave 4 U - Britney Spears

    Britney Spears will always be the first female singer I ever loved. First one I ever listened to. First tape I ever bought.. She is my first favorite female artist. I have been idolizing and following her for decades and yes, even though I am turning twenty, I am not ashamed to say that her song I'm A Slave 4 U  unleashes the crazy stripper in me until now.

    So there you have it. The 15 songs that unleashes the inner stripper tiger in me. Now that I'm thinking about it, this says so much about the music business. 90s and the early 2000s (2001-2005) were the best years of pop culture and entertainment especially for the music industry. Old throwback songs always win! What are your thoughts about my songs?

    How about you, what's yours? Don't be afraid to share! I would love to know, comment down below please! :)


    1. hahaha i love the title! and you shouldnt be worried about what you are posting! this is your blog and no one can critize you :)

      i'm a top 40 kind of girl... i'm not super into music but i love all your picks!

      AJ | TheAJMinute
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      1. Thank you! Wow, I was not expecting anyone to read this. I hate to be ignorant, and I'm not being one, but I don't really know what top 40 means? Like you mean country songs? or older hits? Cause I also listen to songs from the 80s! Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it <3

      2. Top 40 is just pop (aka popular) songs!


        AJ | TheAJMinute
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      3. Haha okay! These songs above were once popular as well! Haha <3 thanks for taking the time to respond back!

    2. Replies
      1. Yay! Glad you love them all! So I'm guessing what I put up here are the songs that unleashes yours? Haha

    3. Hahahah, so true!

      I would add "Don't cha" by the PCD, and "Pour some sugar on me" by Def Leppard.

      Style Nirvana

      1. It is! I stated below the video of Buttons that Don't Cha does it to me too! Haha and awesome Def Leppard! Haha

        <3 thanks for adding yours!

    4. All great picks to unleash the inner stripper. Basically, any rap gets me going. LOL :)

      Jules of Canines & Couture

      1. Thanks and whoa! I never would have thought about rap songs for you! In a good way actually, because I thought.. you're more of ballads! I thought wrong! Ha! :)

        Thanks for dropping by!

    5. What a fun post! I need to do one of these. I agree about the 90s. Best time for music. I loved It's getting hot in here and Whine up and, of course, Dirty by Christina. I hope you'll have a chance and stop by my blog. All about Beauty. Life. and DIY. If you ever have an OTD, LOTD, hair or nail tutorial, or a fun fashion DIY, I'd love for you to share it at "That's my Style" Link party every Friday. Don't have anything to share? Stop by anyway for beauty tutorial and fun DIY projects. Hope to see you there. :)

      Karla @

      1. You should! :)

        I will think about that <3 thank you for dropping by

    6. Hahahaha no way this could be innapropiated. I enjoyed it and totally understand ;D

      Irene Gm.
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    7. Replies
      1. thank you, I try my best to bring something new to the table! :)


    8. Wow! I love your blog :)

      Follow? :)
      Visit my blog

    9. Love your blog! Wanna follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin? it would be very nice. just let me know and I'll follow you back asap! :D

    10. this is so funny! i had such a blast reading the post. dirty is probably my inner stripper song! i'm following you i hope you follow back on GF :)

      1. Right?! It's in it's lyrics too. It's so rowdyyy!

        I'm following you already <3 thank you for the follow :)

    11. Haha what an interesting post. These songs definitely get me dancing, although I'm more old-school swing jazz. Now THAT gets me feeling loose and dance-y. Also, Yay, 90s music!

      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment. I am now following you on Bloglovin and I hope that you will follow me too so we can stay connected. I look forward to reading your posts!

      xo Deborah
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    12. haha this post made me laugh :) great to see your list of songs that makes you unleash your inner stripper :P

      would you like to follow each other?


    Thank you.

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