Thursday, May 9, 2013

The 20/20 Eargasmic Experience

This blog post includes an adult material: intended for mature readers only! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Oh the joy of writing about something you can't even have. How heartbreaking! I assume that all of you know the attractive man in the picture above, right? I will be entirely surprised if you don't.. I mean.. this man is a legend.. He was the lead singer of N Sync, a remarkable boyband from the 90s era that sold almost 80 million copies of album worldwide! A 32-year old man who still obtains the power of making some females' undergarments WET! A legend in the music industry who ditched the album production for seven years. Well, he did not abandon music because he had some songs just not an album so using the word 'ditched' does not really make sense. I would say he just wanted to make it perfect, I guess, while he experienced some other things like acting and taking roles in movies but that obviously drove some of his fans insane! A lot of his admirers, including me, were waiting for his comeback... and seven years later, he finally did! 

He finally released his third album The 20/20 Experience.. His album is absolutely-beyond-amazing! We may have anticipated for his return in the music enterprise for a very long time but every second of the wait was worth it! His album totally made up for those seven years and it does not end there, the second half of his 20/20 Experience album is coming out in Fall! Crazy! I love it! I am currently hooked on his single Mirrors and for some reason this song just makes me want to cry! I really do not know why, I guess it is because it reminds me of my childhood. The song Mirrors holds a melody resembling the 90s era, and his old school hits! I am so in love with this single. It sounds so sincere yet so sexy, it's a pop-ballad, with epic-genius written all over the lyrics. He co-wrote all the songs in the album, it was obvious that this song, if not the whole album, will leave a mark to his fans. This song has been overplayed.. If the countless times I have played this song would result to my phone breaking, my phone will shatter in to million pieces. But no it won't! My phone agrees with me, my phone loves the song! It plays the song automatically for me without me doing anything! Please listen to it if you are still not convinced!

Do you agree with me yet? Oh man, I do not think you even needed my persuasion for you to realize that this guy is pure genius! To prove how much he loves his supporters so much, he is having a tour! But unfortunately.. from where I live..

Yes. It's sold out. Not entirely though because they are selling a pair of third row tickets for $700.. Sadly, I do not have that kind of amount. At this point, I am willing to become someone's slave for a maximum of three months to have that money! Call me ridiculous, desperate but this is a once in a lifetime chance! I was not a big fan of Justin (yet) when he was still with Britney, mostly because of his hair and I was younger and more immature then but since his album Justified? Are you kidding me? With his epic comeback?!?!?! I am definitely going to move mountains just to experience his tour! Especially when I saw his recent live performances at Brit Awards, The Ellen Show, etc.?!?!?! He still got it!!!! OH man.. He sounds more amazing live! I do not know how he does it but it's simple, he is JT! He is one of the few people in the music industry that I would pay $$$$$$$ (no matter what a waste it would seem to some of you) because his world-class talent deserves it! Not to mention his 100% incredible performance anytime, anywhere.. You would see that he puts his heart and his soul not only in his music but also in his performances. 
It's depressing because whenever someone that I love for more than all my life comes and have a tour in my city, I am always unemployed and no savings.. Like it's always a bad timing! Whenever I have a job, they don't come here! WHY WHY WHY!!!!! 

I know I have said the word crazy in this post several times but I am going to use it again.. It's crazy how I am getting goosebumps while writing this! I am also not sure if I ran out of adjectives to describe how talented he is, or is it because there is no adjective suitable for how astonishing he is! The near-seven-year wait between albums tells you how perfect he wanted this album to be! It is clear to see how serious he was with his comeback! I am not sure if anyone else besides him (after so many years) who would possess a creative and refreshing album can return and still create an impact and charm the population. If this first half is already amazing, I wonder what would the second half sound like..  I am sure it would be ten times better. Ever heard of save the best for last? To be quite honest, he is the only Justin in the world that has the kind of talent that every one in the world would bow and applaud to. Yes, if you are still clueless about who he is, this astounding and talented guy who is equally attractive is no other than Justin Timberlake.

So are any of you going to his 20/20 Experience Tour? Let me know down below! If you aren't... express your misery in the comment box. I will cry with you!

I did not write this to boast about his talent that every one seems to already acknowledge! I wrote this to express how affected I am (in a good way) of his comeback and how badly I want to experience his concert!! I love his album! I love you Justin Timberlake! Although.......... I would not say no if someone like Ellen DeGeneres would see this sorta-embarrassing but sincere post and give me tickets to his concert!!! :)

A girl can dream.

Haha, this is funny.. I was only supposed to whine about the fact that I can't go to his concert with an introduction about him but this post became something else... An expression of admiration. I hope he sees this somehow.


  1. ah JT, that would be such a fun concert

    1. I KNOW RIGHT! I really want to go and it's driving me crazy (only an expression) how Mirrors keeps playing every where I go! What. A. Torture!


Thank you.

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