Thursday, July 24, 2014

Growing Out My Eyebrows Then Waxing

Right after my eyebrow wax July 2014 (after growing them out)

Right after my eyebrow wax in April 2014 (before growing them out)
Hello my dear readers! It has been a really really long time since I last blogged on this website. I now have a different blog (and it is updated) on Tumblr, so please check it out:
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The last time I got my eyebrows done was during the mid-week of April this year. But yesterday, after three long months, I finally got my eyebrows waxed and groomed once again. So yes, I grew my eyebrows out. My problem with my eyebrows (not that it really bothers me), towards the end of it (where it starts to angle) is so thin, making it a lot noticeable whenever I get my brows groomed (as you can see from the last picture above where I'm wearing a red hoodie - and this was taken on April by the way). But I am thankful that my eyebrows don't grow back thick, and when it grows, it will take 8-9 weeks (2 months) for it to start looking like a jungle. Haha

I am happy with how my eyebrows turned out after growing them out for three months. The photos do not do a lot of justice since it is not as noticeable as it would be in real life. But one thing is for sure, I am really pleased that my brows are now more defined-looking.

The pictures below are photos that I took on the first day my brows got groomed once again, which was yesterday. Now if you look closely, and compare and differentiate it with the last photo, it looks bolder, fuller and thicker.

More snapshots of my new eyebrows!!!!

Have you ever grown out your eyebrows? Did you thread it instead? Let me know down the comment section below!

ps. I don't wear any make-up whatsoever, unless I really have to, so please don't judge the fact that my faces in these photos are make-up free.
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