Thursday, August 29, 2013

Conquering Thy Fears

The picture above is a mediocre panoramic image that I captured yesterday using my iPhone 4S up on the Sky Ride at the Canadian National Exhibition Fair.

I spent the whole day with my best friend at the fair yesterday. The admission was free that day for selected age groups, and we just happened to fall into one of the categories so woo! I already went once (this year) three days before with my parents and as always, I loved it except the scorching hot weather. I love visiting the fair yearly mainly because of the food fair. We walked throughout the entire grounds to have a look around, and during that time I already lost $10 by betting, hoping to win. I won some but I ended up losing more.

"Let's go on the Sky Ride", my best friend said. At first I thought she was joking and then I looked at her and there I realized she was actually serious. See, my best friend actually has a phobia of Roller coasters, or basically anything with height and motion with no sense of escape.. She told me that her mother advised her to go on some rides to try something different and basically face her fears. Even though I was saving my extra money for back to school shopping, I supported her and looked for the nearest ticket merchant. We found out that for $20 we could have 8 tickets = 8 rides. The smarty pants and the broke college students that we are split the $20 cost. The reason being is that aside from saving more, we only planned on going on the Sky Ride.. that is only going to cost us 2 tickets = 2 rides (when normally, it would cost a person $5 for 4 coupons to get on one ride), so we would have 3 more tickets each (6 in total) which were equivalent to 3 more rides.

We looked around us to select 3 more rides to go on after the Sky Ride. We could not be any more happier, that was a really great deal!

There were two entrances for the Sky Ride, one was facing the CN Tower (picture below), while the other one was facing the BMO Field Stadium (an example of the view would be the picture on top of this post). We chose the one facing the CN Tower because we were halfway closer to it... (my best friend and I are not a fan of walking under the striking sun so we did ourselves a favor)

If you take this side of the Sky Ride, this is the view you are going to discover and witness.. if we are talking night time, this is the view you would want to see. Unfortunately, for us, we could not stay until night time for schedule reasons.

This is what you will be able to see from my side (left side).

My best friend's side.

We both agreed that the whole ride was definitely worth it. It was also relaxing considering the fact that you get enough breeze up there. If you ever need to hibernate, I suggest you give this a try (if you ever visit the Exhibition place) for it is only $5 (four coupons) per person.

She decided to try The Blitzer roller coaster afterwards.

I would say we waited for about twenty minutes to go on The Blitzer. The ride took only a minute. She screamed during the first drop, and I was laughing the entire time because of it. I never heard her scream before so that was kind of amusing to witness. After the ride was done she said, "that was it?!" It is funny how she was starting to enjoy roller coasters when she used to be so afraid of it.

We walked around again to find two more rides to use our two remaining tickets on. I told her that she was doing very well. I was impressed because I know you can't force someone to face their phobia, so I was really proud of her. There were more difficult rides available but we settled on the Hurricane since the other rides seemed too extreme for her.

Yes, this looks terrible, unappealing and boring like it was designed for kids. But let me tell you what, out of all the rides I have ever tried in my life, this was the worst. The gravitational pull of this ride was so intense, I could not move at all causing me to squish the living crap out of her, leaving both of us extremely uncomfortable. As soon as we got out of the Hurricane, we could not feel our legs. We felt drugged (we are clean teenagers just to let you know, we will never have any of those) and lightweight. This ride ruined it for her. She just became really dizzy and did not want to try any more rides after. However, since we had two more tickets (one for each), we decided to take the Sky Ride once again and try the opposite side.

But before that, we felt really empty and drowsy that we figured we should eat first.. and we did. It was a really really long walk back to the Food Building.

I don't know why it won't let me rotate this picture. Must be due to the fact that I have attached several photos already. Anyway, she had fish and chips, while I had honey garlic chicken wings, and damn, I want more of these.

After eating, we decided to walk around.. check out the casino, play some games and that included winning and losing, and all those consumed us nearly two hours without even realizing.

The plan was to go on the Sky Ride one more time, and this time at the opposite side and there we enjoyed the view of the CNE.

I always appreciate everything that I experience and see which is why I have always identified myself as a wanderer. You just never know what you will discover! I was happy that I spent time with my best friend because if I didn't, this would not have happened. I will remain honored forever (as cheesy as it sounds) that I was a part of her expedition as she conquered her fears.

It was a day to remember indeed.


* in case you were wondering, yes I took all these photos with my iPhone 4S.

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  1. Have you been to Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna and tried the Space Shuttle? It took me a lot of courage to ride it and actually had fun. But I'm not sure if I want to do it again. Your bestfriend did a good job!

    1. Yes she really did! And yep, I have, I've only been to EK once, and I would say I loved it. If you want things to change and be more fearless, you should just keep trying roller coaster.. and you will eventually get used to it :) if you don't, then it is okay. Although I would suggest you to try, so you can also be your son's ride partner when he grows up!

  2. love the pics im a new follower as well :]

  3. Great pics!!! Love this post :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

    1. I just followed on GFC :) You should add a GFC wigit to make it easier for ppl to follow :)

  4. GREAT Pics!!! Nice Place!!!



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