Friday, May 3, 2013

y tú son?

Hey! Person.. Err.. people who read my blog! Yeah you.. I don't know if it's the same people all the time but I keep getting views, more than normal, more than an unknown blogger would expect.. Not that I am complaining.. I just can't believe I would get unexpected number of views and still have zero count of people interacting with me. It feels like I am talking to myself.. Well.. that is the main purpose of this blog, to use it as an outlet of my thoughts but since I am seeing people dropping by my blog.. it would not hurt to get some friendly greeting from you.



ps. and to those of you who are wondering what the title meant, it says and you are? in Spanish! Don't doubt my knowledge... I took Spanish in University. So you really don't have to question what I know.
 Besides, my native tongue is a dialect that was influenced by this language so HA! I cannot speak Spanish fluently without a dictionary in sight but I can pick up some words when I hear someone communicate in Spanish and from there, I get the idea of the conversation.. (Not an eavesdropper though!) 


  1. I will interact with you :D... but yes, views are weird thing. I just started my blog and I'm getting increasingly popular too, with approx 100 views per day... but I don't get nearly as much comments. I guess what really matters, is enjoying the blogging proccess and so on :l complex stuff (not really).

    Anyway, cool blog!


    1. Glad that you find my blog cool, thank you so much for dropping by! I've checked out yours too! Heya, just met a new friend here. Good lookin out! :)


Thank you.

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