Monday, August 26, 2013

Twitter Ratchets!

Sometimes I question myself why I even created a twitter account.. I mean what good did it bring me me for the last five years? Unnecessary drama began because of it.. People hated me for my tweets.. People judging you for your tweets.. People stalking you.. People honestly base their perception of you based on your tweets. SO WHY THE HELL DID I EVEN MAKE ONE?!

Simple, I just wanted one, I didn't know it would be such a mess.

I was watching this year's MTV VMA's, of course, it's like a tradition. I love pop culture. I know music awards suck now but I always have an open mind and I give people chances for showcasing their talents.. Basically giving them an opportunity to blow me away. You know certain things just provoke you to tweet your ass off. I am guilty of excessively tweeting whenever I want. I was worse back then but for the past two years I tried to tone it down a little bit.. I found out why... it's because I hated people criticizing me for my tweeted opinions. But then I realized, it's my opinion, and it's my blog/twitter. I tweet and blog for me, not for your satisfaction and agreement. I did not ask you to agree with me. Why did I ever let them get to me?! For having such low self esteem?! Well, look what that did to me.. Nothing. It's just unworthy people who follow you to snoop about your life and hate you for everything you do. Can't change any of that ever. But anyway, the only reason why I am saying this right now is because a lot of followers complain about people they're following on twitter.. and it just reminded me so much of my twitter experiences... I do not get it at all. CANT. JUST. PLEASE. EVERYONE. AND YOU. SHOULD. NOT. EVEN. ATTEMPT TO.

People need to understand why it's Twitter in the first place. People need to understand why they are following a certain person. Like so what if I tweet a lot? As long as I do not reach the tweet limit, I do not consider my tweets a spam for you! That just says so much about other people you follow. They are boring, and I'm not.

People on twitter need to remember this at all times.
  1. If you are going to follow someone, make sure you're following them because you want to see their updates.. not because you want a follow back.. YOU CUNT.
  2. If you are going to hit that follow button.. there will be no take backs. You are an asshole if you unfollow.. an even more of an asshole if once you get a followback, you unfollow.
  3. Once you read someone's tweet, make sure you read it.. mention them if you have something to say.
  4. IF you had the nerve to subtweet, do not be surprised if I subtweet you back.
    Don't give me that "it's not for you.. it's for.." Bitch you had it coming.
  5. LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST.. ANYONE CAN TWEET WHATEVER. Who cares if they are blowing up your twitter feed? Just scroll down or up.
I am sure I left out some more but I wish people followed these rules.

Anyway, like I said, I was watching the VMA's! People are so quick to start worthless twitter feud. People either subtweet you or actually mention you and point out what they think you're doing wrong. Why are people so damn naive! By the way, it was the first time in history that no one subtweeted me in any way. Maybe because I told them to feel free to unfollow (though I did not even lose followers).. However, I saw a feud between individuals on twitter. Between some people I follow and some people just meddling. It's funny how Twitter can cause some kind of cyber war between people.. or is it?

This post was a complete waste of time where I can be talking about the VMAs instead. I do not even see the real purpose of this post.. Just wanted to randomly state my opinon proving an unrewarding and disadvantageous point.

Done here. Sorry for the weak, poorly written post.

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