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It is only appropriate to talk about the VMAs during and after you watch it. Of course, I am a day late. I was supposed to write about this as soon as the awards show came to an end but I have a legitimate excuse! I was writing about it but then I was sidetracked when I started talking about haters on twitter. So I decided to only talk about Twitter on that post, and compose a completely different blog based solely on my MTV Video Music Awards reaction. Except my eye started hurting afterwards so I turned off my laptop and called it a night!

So let's go back to this post's objective..

MTV Music Video Awards 2013.. definitely not my favorite over all. There was that one epic moment that I loved and held close to my heart.. but that was it. To those of you who watched it may already know what and who it was.. but other than that. I give the show a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Before I talk about my favorite moment, let me just talk about Miley Cyrus for a minute. Since everyone (or almost) is talking about her, I might as well drop my two cents on it. So she dressed up like a bear, so she showed a lot of skin, so she was grinding on Robin Thicke, so she was licking him when she's engaged... Do people just judge and NOT think about the purpose? I guess not. It was trashy I get it, but I am getting sick of people calling Miley a slut/whore. The whole performance was supposed to be a reminiscent of Blurred Lines. Yes, you probably did not know that. But now you do. Her provocative actions, and her revealing outfits.. (that may have offended a couple of households) all of those supported the whole meaning of her song We Cant Stop! Why can't people just give Miley a break? She was trapped in a cage for so long, being controlled and demanded how to act, tried to be a person she was not and be constantly followed by the paparazzi mob.. Yes you would go crazy. Some may say that she should have expected that when she decided to become a celebrity.. because being popular = media. But you know, it still does not leave out the fact that it does affect an individual. It affects who you are. It could break you, it could mold you. "We run things, things don't run we, we don't take nothing from nobody", hell yeah, this song was poorly written, but you get the message. It is suggesting you to be yourself.. and that's what Miley was trying to do. Yes, it is unfortunate to see Miley go on a drastic change, her performance last night was degrading and a disgrace to some, but she definitely does not fall under the slut category.. or whatever you prefer to call a promiscuous woman. Honestly, the only thing that bothered me is her tongue. Since you read my opinion, can people just please watch your words and think about your actions before you hurt someone!

Now that I'm done here, let's proceed to my favorite part.......... ♥

OF COURSE IT WAS GIVEN. It was Justin Timberlake and the entire NSYNC posse.

I knew from the get go that there would be a reunion and that Justin Timberlake was to accept the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. I was so thrilled to see Jimmy Fallon up on that stage because I knew he would present Justin Timberlake the MJVVA award.. I was very happy when I saw the spotlight shine on Justin Timberlake.. For that moment he was on the stage, MTV VMA's boring and strip tease show had an epic 360 turn.. all because of this sexy man named Justin Timberlake. The entire performance deserved a standing ovation. I mean who does not get all hyped up when Justin is on the stage? Nobody. I was surprised to see Lady Gaga and Will Smith's reactions while he was performing. You can just tell that everyone loved him. The entire performance was the 20/20 Experience Legends of The Summer concert in less than 30 minutes minus Jay Z, and replaced with *NSYNC.

Unless, a composer writes a duet song and someone produces it for Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake...... nothing could top the performance.. nothing, and people even felt bad for the upcoming performers since it looked like Justin Timberlake sealed the show.

I mean.. he knew it himself....

He honestly did. I screamed, people screamed when he said that. It was true. That is how it's done.

I may have expected more than just a 1:45 minute NSYNC reunion.. and I looked forward to more than just two songs scrunched in less than two minutes. They only performed Girlfriend and Bye Bye Bye.. when I hoped for at least five songs (Tearin Up My Heart, Bye Bye Bye, It's Gonna Be Me, Girlfriend and POP). The inner 90's fan girl in me still jumped and screamed. It felt like it was the 90's all over again. A lot of people have anticipated this reunion for so long. But sadly, according to my sources, last night was only a one time thing to support Justin. There will be no tours, whatsoever. *cries in the corner*

(ps. Can we also admire that dude dancing with them? He is a fan! Apparently, he danced with them the entire time and got all the moves right without looking at them)

The only thing that upset me were some of people's rude and unnecessary comments about Chris and Joey. People making fun of their weight..... I mean what the fuck did you expect? These people are doing their own thing now. People making comments about how rusty Joey was.. are you kidding me? It just looked like it because of his size.. but he still got it too. I love Joey and his personality, and it's sad to reminisce about those times I used to watch all of them together doing crazy bromance things. People just lack respect nowadays. I am not just saying this because I am a fan. I honestly think it requires a lot of guts and manhood to get back up the stage knowing you may be physically unprepared and that you've been insignificant to others for quite some time. It does. And I applaud Lance, JC, Joey and Chris for being loyal and supporting Justin.. I mean some people could have demanded more, or just said no. But they did not. Trust me, if I had the funds, I would definitely produce an all-90's concert.

But before he took over the stage, they showed a video combining his music video clips from the past and the present. I became a little nostalgic. I cannot believe it has been more than a decade since I listened to Justin Timberlake (it all started from NSYNC of course). I was just reflecting and thinking about his milestone.. and how far he has accomplished. I was sincerely proud of him. 

Another thing about him that I love is his humor. Gotta love Justin Timberlake. You are perfect. 

He won three moon mans, and a golden moon man; Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Justin Timberlake wins four MTV VIdeo Music Awards 2013

  • Video of The Year (Mirrors)
  • Best Direction (Suit & Tie)
  • Best Editing (Mirrors)
  • Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award

Let us give Justin Timberlake a warm of applause and a standing ovation for his incredible talent. An all around man, can do it all, and can have it all. Exquisite.

A legend indeed.

And in case you missed it, to those of you who cannot wait to watch it, here's a video of a tv-but-good-enough quality of the performance.

I will change this if I spot a better quality one.


  1. I'm with you. I personally don't really understand why everyone got weird about the Miley performance. I thought it was weird more than I thought it was insulting.

    Jules of Canines & Couture

    1. Well, it was because they weren't used to seeing her that way. It was disturbing but people just took it out on her way too far. It takes two to tango.... and if Robin didn't let her do that to him, and the producers or the stage manager didn't approve that in the very beginning, things would have been different.


Thank you.

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