Thursday, February 28, 2013

Doppelganger: Who didn't make the cut!

Doppelganger week.

Let me tell you some of the celebrities who I was told I shared common features with but somehow did not meet my over all look...

  1. Beyonce
    (Who the hell doesn't know who Queen B is?)

    Strangest look alike ever. Beyonce is very beautiful, and to be told that we look alike is a bit too good to be true. But if you say that we have some common physical features, then maybe I'd still believe it.
  2. A mixture of Isabelle Daza and Shay Mitchell
    (ID: A Filipino actress and tv host, daughter of Ms. Gloria Diaz, Crowned Miss Universe of 1969)
    (SM: A Canadian actress and model of Filipino and Irish descent and is best known for the role of Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars)
    Shay Mitchell
    Isabelle Daza

    I was told that Isabelle, Shay and I all have similarities in our foreheads, smiles, and cheeks. And that if both their features were mixed up, it would look like me. I don't know. Although I do not really see the similarities with Shay, I see that if you look closely at my forehead all the way to my eyes, you would see its comparisonwith Belle's. I actually am flattered that I was even compared to these two ladies, they are both beautiful Filipinas and it's a compliment to have them as two of my alleged doppelgangers.

  3. Alicia Keys
    (American singer, song-writer, commonly known as the Black-American singer behind the piano and who sang the worldwide known hits Fallin, No One and If I ain't Got You)

    Actually, can I just stop for a moment and tell you how she used to be my favorite doppelganger when I was younger? At some point in my life back in Elementary, I was really petite, kind of anorexic, (I had some problems then, was not really rebelling but I just basically did not give a crap of two about anything) and I had my hair fully braided.. Kind of like the hairstyle Alicia Keys had before.

  4. Yes, believe it or not, I was rocking that hairstyle for years, even before she was popular and ever since then, not a day went by that I wasn't called A-Keys. Correction: She has cornrows, mine were bigger and simpler and didn't not include french braid like hers. But even with that being said, apparently, I looked like her. Plus look at those cheekbones, I'm pretty cheeky myself you know.

  5. Mila Kunis
    (Ukranian-American actress, known as Jackie from That 70s Show, that hot girl named Rachel from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Jamie from Friends With Benefits and of course, her performance as Lily in Black Swan which gained her praises and garnered her several awards and nominations)

    1. Again cheekbones and face structure. Do not disagree. Even the baby version of SSJ in the 90s matched Mila's hairstyle back in 2001.
    2. Miranda Cosgrove
      (American actress and singer-songwriter. Some of you may know her from the movie School of Rock. She played the role Megan in Drake and Josh, before she landed her lead role in her own show iCarly.)

      I turned red when a friend of mine mentioned that Miranda and I somewhat looked alike. To be quite honest, the only time I could stand her was when she was still Drake and Josh's evil sister but as she got older, the more irritating she became to me. Clearly, it's not her fault, she did nothing wrong, it just happened for no reason at all. Miranda and I became too close to becoming non-biological twin sisters. It's not apparent why I think so but if you look at it closely, and analyze it bit by bit, Miranda is SSJ minus the skin tone, jaw structure, nose and lips.

      This is a picture of Miranda with curly hair. You see, from the forehead to her eyes (my eyes are bigger but same shape), her cheekbones, the shape of her face (although her face is on the sides of her face) and her jaw... Bingo! But her skin tone, her nose and most importantly, her lips which is one of the most obvious feature when looking at a person, next to someone's eyes really killed the potential doppelganger in her. But sorry SSJ, she might have all your features but the important feature which is the lips did not cut it.

      These five gorgeous Hollywood female celebrities are the ones who didn't make the cut.

      Until next time..


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