Sunday, February 10, 2013

How does this thing even work?

Tumblr was so simple, blogspot is just so complicated, not in posting but in terms of customizing themes and layouts. *Laughs* Yes, I kind of give more importance to how my blog will look like than it's actual content. Actually, I do care about the content but I worry about that after my blog looks like what I want it to look like. Anyway, a brief explanation to why I made a blogspot: a friend inspired me to make a blogspot just because it seems more private than the former. Therefore, I shall train myself to use this one regularly and must consistently update it unlike my dated Tumblr blogs.

I was used to blogging and releasing thoughts and bullshit on my Tumblr but never did I feel secure on that site. Whenever I post something, I feel like I'm going to be graded on it. I knew someone was following me and that someone will read my post first thing in the morning (or whenever that person will see my long-whiny-ass-complaining-about-my-life-because-I'm-always-miserable post) and complain the heck out of my pessimism and my grammatical errors. No matter how much I say it on my Tumblr that I am not a writer, I still feel like there is no room for amateurism in writing. Like "oh I hate people with wrong grammar", well then sue me, grammar nazi. It's one thing to despise a person who tries to speak English although that person is not really obliged to, or to get pissed off looking at someone's post anywhere on Cyberspace getting the basic grammar wrong.. like "is, are, were, people mixing up their: their, they're, than, then"... but to correct everything and expect people to be all fancy and shit on their literary skills,  well f#%! offf... It's okay to be upset that someone has a minimal knowledge of having a proper grammar but if you keep on ranting about it, well you're a buzzkill. You're ruining the fun. Last time I checked it was my effing blog, that it was my tweet, it was my post! If I look like a joke, that's my problem not yours.

ps. I respect those gramma nazis who are still humble to those who need more sufficient English education.

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