Monday, March 4, 2013

Blogging Ideas?

Hello awesome bloggers!

To any of you who might come across this blog, please be generous and kind enough to drop some ideas on what to blog about by leaving some comments below this post. I really have zero experience with blogging except Tumblr which does not even count since 90% of my posts on my blogs are not even mine. The topics do no matter, you can drop unlimited ideas, and I will blog about it. The only exception would be a topic that I have no knowledge of. Please, I am begging *laughs, I seriously need to practice the art of writing more and by giving me ideas on what to write about would open doors and new experiences for me. If you need advice, I will write about it. If you need my opinion, I am a very opinionated person so go ahead and let me know!

Also if you have some tips on how to make my blog better visually, verbosely, etc. please have the honor to teach me. I love welcoming ideas and learning more about this blog because I am actually planning to keep updating this for as long as I can.

Please generate some ideas and I will be more than happy to write about it.

Thank you. Have a great week!


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