Friday, March 1, 2013

I deserve a goddamn vacation!

I honestly do not want to sound so ungrateful that is why I had second thoughts about making this post but it's killing me. It's killing me that it has been two years too long since the last time I went somewhere really far... Orlando,  Florida.

I mean, I appreciate nature's beauty but I am so tired of seeing the same shit, winter, it's so dull outside. I know spring is right around the corner but no, I want to go somewhere. I miss having to journey to places. Really, the destination does not matter, I miss sitting my ass in the car for hours to get to Florida. Yes, Toronto to fucking Florida. It takes us about two days, no duh, we rest. We don't drive straight all the way to Florida, we have our stop overs, check in at hotels, check out, eat, drive. Driving straight to Florida sounds humanly possible but if you're smart enough, you would figure cars, vans any type of transportation have limits, it's like a human being, it needs a rest, otherwise, it would overheat. So if you didn't think about that, you are stupid and ignorant. What is so wrong about road trips? It's honestly the best shit ever.

But yeah this is one of those posts that make no sense to others but makes so much sense for you. It relieves you. It helps. All I'm saying is I'm so stressed and depressed that I really need a break from everything, stop doing my habits for a week or more and go somewhere, anywhere, doesn't matter if I get there through a road trip or by a plane... I just really want to go somewhere. So sick of Toronto. I never thought I would be so sick of such city. I mean it has offered me so many opportunities, but I just really need a break. It's just one of those days where you want to be somewhere else because your mind and heart are wandering and hoping you were somewhere else. I want to smell fresh air, fresh fucking air like the kind of air they have in Florida. I just want to relax and have my mind at peace for once.

And I know in the next few days or so, I will read this again and I regret some of the things I said here because I know I am not sick of Toronto, I am just sick of my habits.


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