Friday, March 8, 2013

Just my two cents on irrelevant people in our lives

When people assume the worst in you, when they think they know more about you than they really do...

Cut them out of your life. They will only do you damage. There are times when people like to eat someone else's biscuits instead of their own. They like to break you with their words. They bully people, they gossip about people, they will do anything to step on you to hurt you.

Do not let their words define you and with you, take this little quote from Emily Fields played by Shay Mitchell on Pretty Little Liars:

It happens that on rare occasions certain individuals like to be superior than others. No one ever minds their own because it is easier to pick out the flaws of others. You just have to remind yourself to just keep on doing you, never adjust or change who you really are and what you are meant to be just to change someone's point of view about you. Let's face it, it will be hard and it might not even happen. Others will only choose what they want to believe. It is difficult to change the perceptions of narrow minded people since they refuse to avoid and let go of their fixated beliefs. It's like squeezing and forcing your foot to fit in a shoe that will never fit you.

It's human nature to sometimes believe everything you hear about someone but it takes the guts to put these assumptions aside to get to know the person. It's called being the better person. You never know, you might be pointing your finger at the wrong person. Who knows, you might even need their help later on.


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