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I confess: What I Find Incredibly Sexy

Hello my dear readers! It has been a really really long time since I last blogged on this website. I now have a different blog (and it is updated) on Tumblr, so please check it out:
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Before I begin, let me start off by saying, none of these things are my preferences when it comes to relationships. A bonus maybe, but I do not consider these as requirements at all.. unless stated so. I also want to clarify that whatever I enlist below makes me shallow and perhaps, ignorant to some of you, but this should not reflect who I really am as a person. I may have chosen to expose some of my eye-and-heart-catcher qualities of men but this should not make you think less of me. Plus, I am more of a quantity over quality type of person.. I give more importance to what holds substance. I just really wanted to post something different this time, and besides, it seems fun.. so why not give it a try?

ps. I apologize in advance for using celebrities as an example to support my points. I thought they would be the best examples since most of the people in the world know who they are? If not.. well I guess you can call me frothy and shallow?

So in no particular order, here are some of my turn on's:

  1. Guys who look so sensuous in ribbed tank tops and v necks.

    I am not talking about Justin Bieber who wears it every time he flexes in front of the camera.. I am talking about sexy guys (muscular or not) that can pull it off. Is that weird? Wait, no hold on, really skinny guys, Justin Bieber for example is a BIG NO. The guy has to have some meat, whether it's muscle or fat.. but not too flabby. Not all guys can look good in a wife beater and/or a v neck, so I just find it super sexy when I see guys who do.


    See it for yourself...

    He is the sexiest man alive for a reason, right?

    Jacob Hoggard, you, pretty boy. If you do not know him..
    you are missing out on some good music.

    Jason Momoa, aka Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.
    I will be your Khaleesi any day. ;)

    Ugh, the cutest man alive with the most intense sex appeal. Hello, Lachowski.
    I've loved you for three consecutive years now.. Marry me, maybe?
  2. Guys who smell so *insert profanity here* good.

    Damn it! Does that even need an explanation?! I mean who wants to cuddle or even be around someone who smells hazardous enough that if the air did not circulate, your ass would be dead from that unpleasant odor?? Obviously a person would want someone who smells good. Being with someone who has a pleasant odor makes you want to cuddle with them 24/7.

    Think about it, there is a possibility that this person could be the one and that you will potentially marry.. one way or another.. you will be sharing a bed with this individual so you should think about finding a person who has a good hygiene.I confess that I have a weird fetish for people who smell good.
  3. Guys who can dress well.

    I think all girls would agree to that. It is not a requirement but if a guy can dress well, that is added major points! Most of the time, if a guy can dress well, that means there is a possibility that they would not be bothered shopping with us too because they will also shop for themselves. Win-win huh? Well dressed men are hot. Whether it's just a v neck, some nice denim jeans and vans... oh I'm sold! Guys who can pull of suit and ties, and bow-ties? That's another major bonus!

    Men who dress well look so clean, collected, confident and they look like they smell so good. Not only that, they just impress everyone who sees them. Any woman would want to date that(but that obviously depends if he's an asshole or not)!
  4. Gentlemen: courteous, noble and chivalrous.

    Chivalry is definitely not dead.

    There are still some great men around. Some had been caught by some undeserving-cheating women, by some good looking women, and some rich ladies. Some are homosexual.. The rest are... just somewhere out there.. somewhere in Narnia. I may sound like I am joking but really, it's true.
    Honestly, I still see few men around here who are blessed to have the characteristics of a gentleman. I know some too and it really is a turn on for me. I like guys who are modern looking but still have some old fashioned manners in them.

    I mean there is nothing wrong with holding the door for me. I hate it when I am on a date or I am hanging out with guys and they do not hold or open doors for me. If you are one of these modern lazy men, I will find you incredibly lame.

    He does not need to treat me like a Queen or a princess that every other girl wants, a simple and thoughtful gesture just gets me and that makes my heart skip a beat. I want someone who would want to cater to me.. but in a sense where he would want to do it because he loves me and that he wants to, not because he needs to.

    *Not really a requirement, but this is my ideal guy.

  5. Guys with bright personalities. A guy with an open mind.

    I am talking great sense of humor and a man who is spontaneous and outgoing.

    I want a man who can blow my mind with his wisdom, not just intelligence. I love a guy who knows so much about life, love and the importance of family and hard-earned money. I can talk to a guy with an open mind for days.

    *This is a requirement!
  6. A guy who can cook.

    Let's face it, a way to a woman's heart is through her stomach ;)

    We can cook together, and I can do the dishes! Happy belly, happy me!
  7. *this is kind of a requirement, we can both learn together
  8. Guys and cars.

    Remember men with ribbed tank tops/v necks? Yes okay, now imagine a hot lad wearing a ribbed tank top or a v neck while driving a car? Yes, you get me! Oh my! Especially when they drive using only one hand on the wheel, and the other hand on the gear. *Drools*

  9. Lads who are good with kids.

    I would like to have my own family someday.. and I just think it is so adorable to see men who look after kids.. babies.. It makes me cringe.. in a good way.

    Harry Styles and Baby Lux Everyone ♥

    Cam Gigandet and his baby. So hot right?

    I honestly cannot wait for Channing Tatum to be walking around the streets with his child in his arms.. that is pretty soon.
  10. V LINES.

    There is nothing sexier than a guy who cares about how he looks. See, when a man knows he looks good will develop confidence (and confidence is really sexy) and that just leaves a huge impact on how he projects himself. You know what, being confident is great but not to the extremes where a man or a woman starts to come off as arrogant and boastful? I mean, hey, I get it, you look sexy as fuck, you worked hard for that body, showing it off once in a while is nice but if you are too "braggy" and go all high and mighty on everyone? Sorry, NO.

    I hate narcissistic people. You know, those individuals who only talk about themselves, and that the world only revolves around them.. that ruins it. Cockiness turns me off to the extremes.

    I am not a sexy person. I only stand on an average height. I have no right to speak about certain "gorgeous" people this way but... there is something SEXIER about a person who does not even try. Effortless.

    I would post pictures here to support how sexy v lines are but I do not risk my stuff of getting reported for sexual content. I mean shirtless guys can offend somebody, especially mothers with minor children. So yeah, just go search Adam Levine's V lines.. and even Harry Style's V lines.. they are both mad sexy.

    Everyone is proud in different ways. It is healthy to think you deserve appreciation, recognition and credit for some of the things you do.. but being humble goes a long way. Pride is all about "me" which leads to arrogance, while humility is more on being modest. If you feel superior all the time, well then there is no room of improvement for you because you think you are already perfect and you already feel that you are above everyone else. Being humble is being calm, and quiet. A humble person does not really seek attention and admiration. He or she usually recognizes his or her own faults unlike proud people who just like getting even and being right all the time. More importantly, a humble person does not belittle anyone. Ever heard of "It is better to be kind than to be right?" yeah some people can use that.

    Now, you may ask why I said Humility on moderation, well I think being too humble is dangerous because you get taken advantage of, or it could also be just an act of behavior, ex. being fake? There are people who are sincerely humble, while there are people who act modest and humble for personal purposes and advantages. Not being humble enough leads to egotism. So it is best to be moderately humble because at least you know where you stand.


    *this is a requirement!

    I don't know.. Musicians and dancers usually attract me instantly. Guys with a nice, manly speaking voice are just so sexy. Hey, you will be speaking to them on the phone all the time.. you do not want to talk to a guy who sounds like a fish, right?
  13. Awesome sense of humor.

    Being with a person with a great sense of humor can guarantee you a happy relationship. I want to be with a person who can cheer me up, and is not hard to cheer up either. Imagine, never a dull moment with your special someone. You will never be bored.. and you won't have any wrinkles! ;) 

    *this is a requirement
  14. Respectful

    A respectful boo is a keeper. Any man who respects his mother will honor his woman. A man who treats his woman with love and respect is a man of honor. Respect goes hand in hand though, so ladies, give him something to respect ;)

    A man who does not respect me, who belittles me, calls me degrading names, who makes fun of my abilities, who does not support me in any way, who cusses me off? MAJOR TURN OFF.

    All men should treat their women as an equal, besides, you are in a relationship to find your other half, right?

    *This is a requirement
  15. Tall, attractive guys.

    This is the most shallow turn on for me. Guys who are taller than me and is attractive, are instantly sexy, in my opinion. I like being the shorty in the relationship, and a woman needs her heels once in a while so my man needs to be taller than me. It just looks very awkward if I am taller than the guy.

    *Being tall is a requirement, well, at least taller than me
  16. Family-oriented men.

    I think out of all the qualities, this is the most important one. I come from a huge family, and if it was not obvious enough, I am family oriented. It would be a gift from the gods if fate gives me a family-oriented other half. I really want my man to prioritize his family at all times.. If you think about it, this man could be your future husband and later on, you two will start and build your own family.. so if he treated his family with love, respect and care, it is guaranteed that he will treat your own family well too.

    An amazing husband and a great father... yes I'm thinking future and I think that is sexy. Any guy I know who values his family is a keeper. I admire these type of guys and I see them as guys who will have lucky wives later on. Any man who can hold his own is the right partner to settle down with.

    *Most important, the major requirement.

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  1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 13 and 15. These to me, make a man sexy.



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