Sunday, August 18, 2013

Not A Huge Fan Of Chinese Buffets

Before I offend anyone... I just want to make it clear that I am only blogging based on my current feelings and opinion. I love other buffet types, American and Italian in particular, but I am not so much of a Chinese buffet fan. Maybe it's because I have had it way too much for so many years? I have no idea. I consider myself the queen of gluttony but I am the kind of person who just sits there and does not get excited whenever my parents or my friends plan and decide to eat at a Chinese buffet. Personally, I would rather eat at a burger joint. This afternoon, my mother chose to dine at my worst nightmare-Chinese Buffet. Ugh, just the thought of it grosses me out but I honestly had no choice but to join them. You know, otherwise, I would have died from starvation. I only had two plates of small portions and a plate full of desserts (now, we're talking!). But even with only those, I feel so sick until now (eight hours later), but that is because all of these (meat, seafood, etc.) are frozen and processed, I mean we are all aware of that, right? I have never mastered the art of eating at any Chinese buffet restaurant, and I do not even want to attempt. I just always feel like I want to instantly and quickly go on a cleanse diet from all the grease and MSG that are to blame for making me feel so dirty. I just want to drink a thousand glasses of water and eat a lot of fruits! SOS!!!

Now the reasons why I dislike Chinese Buffet:
  1. Unsanitary and the risk of getting food poisoning
  2. I feel so sleepy after.
  3. I fall asleep for a long time... what a waste of a beautiful day
  4. The displeasing and discomforting feeling afterwards.
  5. POUNDS POUNDS POUNDS that I will never lose for the lazy bum that I am
  6. It is just so unhealthy!
  7. MSG
  8. Gassy and all that bowel business you have after

Does anyone else feel this at all? I mean, even with a different type of food or eating style? I would like to know. Inform me please!

DISCLAIMER: Though I disapprove of Chinese Buffets, I love devouring and ingesting Chinese food but at fine dining Chinese restaurants.. NOT BUFFETS. That is all. I am in no way discriminating, or hating, just to be clear.

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